Timeline created by Karleegull
  • Tamagotchy

  • Super Nintendo

    Super Nintendo
  • Nokia

    Playing Snake was the bomb!
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Gaming changed to a whole new level! Mario Kart changed my life!
  • Boom Box

    Boom Box
    I remember getting this pink boom box for Christmas with the Backstreet boys CD and life was complete!
  • Big screen TV

    Big screen TV
    This TV took up the entire living room!!
  • My first computer

    My first computer
    This was my first computer. We had dial up internet and mom hated when she needed the phone! Anyone remember Oregon Trail?
  • Flip Phone

    Flip Phone
    This was my first flip phone that I had to share with my twin sister and older brother. Kids today DO NOT know the struggle!!
  • Chocolate phone

    Chocolate phone
    This was my first phone that I didn't have to share and that also had a camera. I thought it was the COOLEST phone ever!
  • Iphone

    And the world was forever changed with the invention of the Iphone.