Stock Market Extra Credit

Timeline created by alaynaschneider
  • NYSE

    The New York Stock Exchange was created
  • Panic of 1819

    Banks called in loans and farm foreclosures happened in the south and the west of the country after the War of 1812
  • Panic of 1857

    Railroad troubles lead to stock falling and banks closing at rapid rates.
  • Black Friday

    Gold prices skyrocketed and the stock fell dramatically
  • Panic of 1907

    24% decrease in the stock market by September of that year
  • Wall Street Crash of 1929

    Resulted in the Great Depression

    The Nasdaq Stock Market was created
  • Black Monday

    Largest one-day stock market decline in history (508 points)
  • Dot-com Bubble Crash

    The NASDAQ lost 78% after the dot-com bubble burst
  • The Flash Crash

    The Dow Jones lost 1000 points in 20 minutes
  • Amazon Acquisition of Whole Foods

    Current stock event
  • iPhone X Release

    Current stock event
  • DOW Jones' Highest Closing Record

    The highest closing​ record was 23,557.23
  • Period: to

    1990-1991 Recession

    Oil prices skyrocketed and this caused a recession
  • Period: to

    The US Bear Market

    The Dow lost 777 points