Stephen's life

  • Stephen is born into a Catholic family

  • Stephen wants to marry Eileen Vance, ...

    a Protestant girl living next door
  • Stephen is sent to a Clongowes Wood College

  • He doesn’t fit in with the other kids

  • Wells, the school bully, torments Stephen

  • Stephen goes home for Christmas

  • After going back to school, he gets punished by ...

    Father Dolan, although he is innocent
  • Stephen tells Father Arnall about this punishment and ...

    becomes the school hero
  • Stephen spends his summer in Blackrock, ...

    his family’s new home
  • Stephen reads Alexander Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo”

  • Stephen’s family moves to Dublin

  • He meets Emma Clery at a birthday party

  • He writes a love poem for Emma

  • Stephen goes to another school – Belvedere College

  • He takes part in a school play

  • He goes to Cork with his father

  • Stephen wins a literary prize and spends ...

    all his money on his family
  • He has sex with a prostitute

  • He gets greedy and has more sexual encounters ...

    with prostitutes
  • He starts worrying about his sins

  • Father Arnall comes to Belvedere College to hold ...

    sermons about sins, death and hell’s torments
  • Stephen goes to a chapel and confesses his sins

  • He starts being very religiously disciplined

  • The principal or of his school suggests him a life in church

  • Stephen is firstly intrigued by this offer, but later ...

    changes his mind
  • After seeing a beautiful girl on the beach, he decides that ...

    he wants to live his life to the fullest
  • Spehen’s family is forced to move again

  • Stephen doesn’t feel religious anymore

  • Stephen meets Emma again and writes her another poem

  • Stephen leaves university to pursue his artistic dreams