Stephen Hawking

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  • Birth

    He was born in Oxford, UK.
  • Enter the university

    Enter the university
    After having completed a mediocre high school, he went to university.
  • His illness (ALS)

    His illness (ALS)
    He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis when he was 21 years. The doctors gave him a short time to live.
  • General Theory of Relativity

    General Theory of Relativity
    His physical state deteriorated very quickly. He began his work on the General Theory of Relativity in collaboration with Roger Penrose.
  • Cambridge

    He finished his doctorate and obtained a scholarship at Cambridge first as a researcher and then as a professor.
  • Creation of the Universe

    Creation of the Universe
    He began his research on the creation of the Universe.
  • Albert Einstein Prize

    Albert Einstein Prize
    He presented his theories about black holes in Rutherford's laboratory and entered the Royal Society to receive the Albert Einstein Prize.
  • Loses his voice

    Loses his voice
    He suffered a relapse of his pneumonia illness, losing his voice. After that, he communicated through a synthesizer.
  • The Grand Design

    The Grand Design
    He published The Grand Design, a controversial work in which he tries to respond to God's "need" to explain the existence of the universe.
  • The Big Bang

    The Big Bang
    He presented his ideas about the Big Bang and said he was convinced that God is not necessary to explain the birth of the Universe.
  • The film

    The film
    Director James Marsh released The Theory of Everything, a film based on him.
  • Assisted death

    He tells the BBC that he would consider assisted death if his degenerative disease worsens.
  • His death

    His death
    He died at dawn on Wednesday at his Cambridge home at the age of 76.