Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith

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In Film
  • The rescue of Chancellor Palpatine

    The Jedi knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are bording a separatist command ship where Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic is held hostage.
  • Fight against Count Dooku

    The Jedi knights find the Chancellor, together with the Sith lord Count Dooku. A finds erupts between the two Jedi and the Count, where the Count at first has the upper hand, before teasing Anakin which leads to Anakin tapping into his hate and anger. With this newfound power he overpowers the Count and defeats him. He is faced with a choice, killing an unarmed man or taking him hostage, the latter being the Jedi way. The Chancellor convinces him to finish the job and cuts Dooku´s head off.
  • Captured by Grievous

    Anakin, the Chancellor and the recently woken up Obi-Wan are captured by General Grievous while they attempt to escape. The Jedi break free and the general is forced to flee his ship as it is being shot down by republic ships.
  • Crash landing on Corousant

    As the ship is being shot down, Anakin is forced to perform an emergency landing on the capital planet Corousant. Everyone survives the crash landing and Anakin is the star of the show.
  • Padme´s pregnancy

    Anakin returns to the senate building where his secret wife, Senator Padme Amidala, tells Anakin that she is pregnant with his child. These news shock Anakin, as he is not allowed having children nor being married, but he tells Padme it is the happiest moment of his life.
  • Anakins vision

    Anakin has a vision through the force where he sees his wife die in childbirth. He wakes up in the middle of the night and tells Padme that he will not let this happen, that he is more powerful now, not like the time his mother died.
  • Anakin is appointed on the Jedi council

    The morning after his vision, Anakin meets with the Chancellor. Here the Chancellor appoints Anakin as his personal representative on the Jedi council. This causes commotion in the council due to the fact that members of the council have to be elected by the council, not requested by politicians. The Jedi fear the Chancellor is getting to powerful.
  • Anakin is denied the rank of Master

    Anakin attends his first council meeting, and is allowed on the Council, but does not receive the rank of Jedi master like the rest of the council members. This bewilders Anakin, seeing as it is the first time a council member had been denied the rank of master. The other Jedi tell him he should be thankful to be on the Council at such a young age and that he should technically not be on it anyway.
  • Anakin´s new assessment

    After the meeting, Anakin´s master Obi-Wan assigns him to a secret mission to spy on the Chancellor due to the Council not trusting him anymore. This is against the Jedi code and Anakin is upset with having to spy on a lifelong friend and mentor. Obi-Wan justifies it by saying they are at war and that they can only trust the Council
  • Anakin and the Chancellor at the opera

    The Chancellor invites Anakin to the opera and tells him about where Grievous and the other separatist leaders are hiding. He also tells him the story of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis and how he was so powerful with the force he could keep others from dying. Anakin is interested in learning this power seeing as it could save his wife, but the Chancellor tells him that this power could only be achieved through the power of the dark side.
  • Obi-Wan heads to defeat General Grievous

    Anakin tells the Council what the Chancellor told him about Grievous´ location. He also asked to be the one to defeat him but the Council decides he is not ready and appoints the more experienced Obi-Wan to the task.
  • Palpatine´s proposal

    Simultaneously as Obi-Wan kills Grievous, chancellor Palpatine reveals himself as the Sith Lord the Jedi are looking for and tells Anakin that through his teachings they could learn the power to save Padme from dying.
  • Anakin tells the other Jedi

    Anakin, torn between the Jedi code and his wife surviving, tells the other Jedi what the Chancellor told him and four Jedi go to arrest the Sith Lord. Anakin requests joining them but is denied, due to him being a friend of the Sith Lord.
  • Darth Vader is born

    Scared of not being able to save his wife, Anakin follows the Jedi to the Senate building and finds that Palpatine has killed three of them and now seems defeated by Master Mace Windu. Windu is unsure of wether to kill the Sith or not. Anakin, fearing that Windu will kill his only option of saving Padme, cuts off Windu´s arm. Palpatine then kills the unarmed master. A scarred Palpatine and asks Anakin to be his apprentice. Anakin, now Darth Vader, is so set on saving Padme he accepts the offer.
  • Order 66 is executed

    Palpatine, now elected Emperor by the Senate after making them believe the Jedi are corrupt, executes order 66. This is an order every clone in the clone army has gotten programmed into their brain. This order forces them to believe the Jedi are corrupt and save nothing in the effort of destroying them. The Jedi, unknowing of this order, view the clones as loyal companions. They are taken by surprise and defeated rather easily. Darth Vader marches on the Jedi temple and kills everyone there.
  • Yoda and Obi-Wan´s plan

    Being two of the last remaining Jedi, Yoda and Obi-Wan escape after seing the damage at the Jedi Temple. They plan on taking down the Sith and ending them once and for all. Obi-Wan wants to face the emperor instead of his former apprentice as he could not cope with the emotional damage that would deal to him. Yoda tells him that the emperor is too powerful for him and the only possibility is Yoda facing the emperor and Obi-Wan facing Darth Vader.
  • The plan fails

    Yoda loses his during a great battle between the masters of light and dark. This forces him to hide and run away from the battle. Obi-Wan, who snuck on Padme´s ship to find Vader, tries to convince him of coming back to the Jedi order, but Vader´s mind has been corrupted by lust for power and Obi-Wan has no other option than to face him in duel. Obi-Wan defeats an arrogant Vader but cannot bring himself to kill his former apprentice. Vader lives and is found by his new master Palpatine.
  • The twins are born

    After their plan failed, Yoda and Obi-Wan take Padme to Polis Massa, where she births twins and dies, due to losing her will to live. As a parallel opposite, Darth Vader has a new suit built for him, a suit that will keep him alive from the injuries of his battle with Obi-Wan. This shows that with the death of Padme, the man we knew as Anakin Skywalker also dies and from the ashes rises Darth Vader.
  • Exile and hiding

    The two remaining Jedi go into hiding and exile after separating the twins and hiding the from the New Empire. Obi-Wan hides on the same planet as the one twin to watch over him, Yoda goes to his home planet Dagobah and the second twin is sent to a planet where she will grow up to be a princess with her new family.