Time line 1

Spongebob evolution

  • 1st conception of spongebob

    1st conception of spongebob
    Stephen Hillenburg initially conceived SpongeBob while teaching and studying Marine Biology, then studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts in order to bring his character to life.
  • Start of the great project

    Start of the great project
    When steve graduated he started working as a director on "Roko's Modern Life" and at the end of that series in 1996 stephen started the development of the spongebob pilot episode
  • Its premiere

    Its premiere
    Its great premiere was in May 1999, premiering with the chapter called "Help Wanted" thus being a great success.
  • Scope of great popularity

    Scope of great popularity
    In 2000 this series reached great popularity with its second season, despite its low budget it became well known.
  • Release of the first film

    Release of the first film
    In 2004 the first SpongeBob film directed by Stephen Hillenburg was released, in this film he showed in more detail the adventures of SpongeBob outside of everyday life.
  • Renewal of the serial contract.

    Renewal of the serial contract.
    in July 2012 the contract was renewed and thus its ninth season was broadcast with the episode "Extreme stains"
  • twelfth best program

    twelfth best program
    In 2013 the series was nominated for one of the 25 best series for adults, ranking 12th place.
  • second movie

    second movie
    In 2015 his second film called a hero out of water was released, taking a sequence from the first film, this time the format of the film would be between animation and real life shots.
  • 12 season

    12 season
    In the year of 2017 the 2nd season is released, with 52 episodes and surprising with the animation of an excellent quality.
  • Death of Stephen Hillenburg

    Death of Stephen Hillenburg
    On November 26, 2018, the creator of this successful series passed away due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which is an incurable disease.
  • Third movie

    Third movie
    On August 14, 2020, the third SpongeBob movie is released, being a great success, in this film its creator is commemorated who died two years before, preventing him from fully collaborating in its creation.