Space Race

Timeline created by carr05
  • Sputnik1

    The soviet union sucsesfully launched the first arificial sattilite.This sattilite was only the size ov a beach ball.
  • Mercury7

    The goal of the mercury 7 astronauts was to basicly be test dummeis to figure out what we were able to do with our space exploration.Here r the first names of the astronauts Walter,Donald,Jhon,Sott,Alan,Virgiland,and L Gordon
  • First american in space

    Alan b shepard was the first american in space he flew ona mercury spacecraft.
  • Gemini Program

    The gemini program was named aftertwin stars to symbolize a two man crew.
  • Jhon Glenn

    This was one of the most important missions that Nasa launched the goal on this mission was to test Jhons reactions in space mental and physical.In this mission John orbited the esarth 3 times.
  • Friendship7

    in 1962 the americans orbited earth 6 times. The purpose of this mission was to gather data.
  • Walter Shirra orbits earth 6 times

    This was the 5th Mercury mission/flight.The goal was to gater more infromation on space.
  • Last man to fly solo in space

    L Gordon was the last man to fly in space alone.This was also the last mercury 7 missioCalled Atlas9
  • Ed white

    Ed white made the firtb usa space walk during the gemini4 mision.
  • Surveyor1

    It was the first space craft launched in the surveyor program,and it performed the first softv landing on the moon.By the usa