Sound of Thunder

  • Beginning of Time

    In the beginning of A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, he introduces the main idea of what he wrote about and how animals are affected by it absed on the bold sign given in the text.
  • Exposition Pt.1

    Eckels is preparing for the safari trip. he is given details on what he should do and what he shouldn't do. If he didn't follow what was said, there would be consequences.
  • Exposition Pt2.

    Eckels visualizes the many aspects of nature before he moves onto the exciting events
  • Rising Action

    Eckels and everybody else included in the trip begin to make their way into hazardous areas.
  • Exposition Pt2

    Mr. Travis, eckels and the others begin to travel back into time into the "light"
  • Exposition

    They exit the time machine and hed into the timne, not being able to touch anything in sight.
  • Climax

    The lizard had spotted the hunters and everyone was ordered to head back to the machine for safety, but the lizard begins to attack
  • Climsx

    They managed to kill the tyrannosaurus before they died.
  • Falling Action

    Eckels realized he stepped on a butterfly from the past and now things have changed
  • Resolution

    Since Eckels didn't follow the rule, the butterfly effect has come into place. one little event, caused Eckels life. Mr. Travis got upset becasue he didn't follow the rules and killed him.