ESC 601 Timeline (Denise Winston)

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In History
  • Rowley v. Hendrick Hudson School District (1982)

    After a student was removed from a special education program that was meant to benefit her education, the court ruling suggested that the student be able to attend the special education program. the text states that, "Due process procedures to determine an appropriate education were reaffirmed by the Court (Henry, at. Al., ch1, 2009). Supreme Court stated what provisions will be made to accommodate the Rowley's. The Rowley's were awarded. A Website is:
  • Smith v. Robinson (1984)

    Even though legal aspects were handled by the Education for the Handicapped Children's Act of 1975, this was beneficial to this act in order to gain equal rights for the parents of this child. Efforts were made to pursue an amendment to this act of 1975 which allowed the parents to be reimbursed.
  • Irving Independent School District v. Tatro (1984) (

    Amber's parents were denied injunction services she needed while she attended school which Amber's parents thought were in violation of her rights. The court rulings support ne Amber to have these injections. Amber 's parents filed several court cases in regards to Amber's rights and medication that she needed while she attended school. The courts ruled out that Amber's medication was a "related service" which allows a nurse to administer it. Amber's parents were awarded compensation