Sloldier's Heart Timeline

By bug53a
  • Period: to

    "Civil War Time Period"

  • Training

    Training begins at Fort Snelling.
  • Fort Snelling

    Charley arrives at Fort Selling.
  • Toward Manassas

    Charley gets on a train to go to Manassas. when the train stopped to pick up supplies, he saw his first reb and slave.
  • Bull Run

    Charley arrives at the Battle of Bull Run. Charley is frightened.
  • The Night After the Battle

    Fighting ends for the day and Charley's regiment is told to go to the trees to sleep for the night. Charley sees fireflies that are actually lanterns and thinks they are pretty. The lanterns are held by men from both sides searching for friends and family in the battle field.
  • Marching

    Charley's regiment starts to march. He met Nelson who had never been in a battle yet. Charley started to think of his age in meadows not numbers.
  • Camp at Washington

    Charley camps at Washington and recieves thirty-three dollars in gold coins for three months of service. Charley kept four dollars and sent the rest home to his mother. McClellan was their new general. He thought he was going to die in battle. They began to march again. Charley farmed and got disentary form eating raw fruit that he stole from rebel farms.
  • Battle

    Nelson gets shot in the stomach. Charley crys. Nelson shoots himself so he does not have to suffer.
  • Camp

    Charley spends three months at a camp and they think of the camp like a town. They named the paths after street names from their hame towns. Charley bought an apple pie that only three slices of apples and a little sugar. There was almost a mutany over whiskey, so now everyone is aloud to drink it as a form of medicine.
  • At a camp again

    Charley trades with a reb from across a river and finds out that the reb is a farmer like himself. Charley has to slaughter horses for meat for the sick and injured to eat. It put him on the edge of mutany.
  • Battle of Chancellorville

    Charley and his regiment are told to shoot the rebel horses in the legs . At the end of the battle Charley is told to go to the hospital because he has blood on his shoulder and his commander thinks he has been hit. Charley was not hit, but he had to help the doctor build a wall out of dead bodies five feet high and thirty feet wide to block the wind.
  • Pickett's Charge

    Charley was in another battle. It was differnt but the same. He was behind treches and a wall and the Confederates were in the open field walking toward them. The rebs won't give up. They keep coming.Charley was told to stand up. They were going to ram the rebs from the side. Charley almost felt sorry for the rebels.
  • A Little House by the River

    Charley remembers sweet things from the war like the killing. Charley now has a small little house beside a river. He is the odd man in town now. Charley picnics by the river often. On one of his picnics he takes a confederate revolver that he thinks is pretty with him and considers shooting himself, but he decides not to.