Sigmund Freud- The man behind Psychotherapy

  • Birth

    Born in the Czech Rebublic
  • High school

    went to highschool at 9 and graduated with honors
  • Period: to

    University of Vienna

  • M.D Resived

    M.D Resived
  • Move to Paris

    Move to Paris
    Gets in a partnership with Jean-Martin Charcot
  • Private Practice

    Started "nervous disorders" practices.
  • Period: to

    Wolf Man

    one of Sigmund patients who lived from 1887-1979 was a russian aristocrat
  • Abandons Hypnosis

  • Father Dies

    When his father died he took it really hard. He had a period that he came up with very obscure theories.
  • Publishes: The Interpretation of Dreams

  • A journal

    The goverment was so interested in his work that they started a journal after him called Jahrbuch fur psychoanlytische und psychopathologishe Forschungen
  • A monthly magazine

    after the journal the Zentralblatt fur Psychoanalyse came out every month about Sigmunds works
  • Book Published

    Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido was published by a follower of Freuds about Freud
  • Period: to

    Committee of loyalists

    a committe loyal to sigmund to help keep his works secreat until he is ready to publish them.
  • Paper published

    Freud published this paper "The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement".
  • leukoplakia

    Freud found an early staged cancer in his mouth. It probubly happened because of his smoking habbit
  • Cancer Free

    He got his growth removed and was clear of cancer for a short period of time.
  • Freud ruined his inner circle

    When Sigmund published this The Trauma of Birth his innercircle left him becuase it went against some of their beliefs.
  • Goethe Prize

    for psychology in German
  • Burnign of his books

    The germans burnt his books when the NAZI took over
  • Period: to

    Morphine over doese

    both days he got heavy doses of morphine that killed him
  • Period: to

    Morphine Over dose

  • over dose

    Sigmund was given an over dose of morphine wich ends up killing him. He was given morphine to stop his pain from cancer
  • Death