Shaughnasty and Fushigi

  • Lewis is picked as commander

    Lewis is picked as commander
    Thomas Jefferson chooses Meriwether Lewis to lead the expedition. They are sent to explore new land, find new plants, and find new animals.
  • Announcement of the Loisiana Purchase

    Announcement of the Loisiana Purchase
    The French sell their territory in North America to the United States of America for 15 million dollars. Lweis and Clark are chosen to explore.
  • Expedition begins

    Expedition begins
    On May 14, 1804, Jefferson told Lewis and Clark to go beyond the MIssissippi River and explore for new land from the Louisiana Purchase.
  • Corps of Discovery meet with representatives

    Corps of Discovery meet with representatives
    The Corps of Discover meet with representatives of the Oto and Missouri Indians. They give peace medals, 15 star flags and other gifts.
  • The Prarie Dog

    The Prarie Dog
    The explorers try to drown out an animal they had never seen before out of It's burrow. They catch it and call it a Prarie Dog.
  • Sacagewea

    Toussaint Charbonneau's wife sacagewea
  • A New Member

    A New Member
    During the expedition, Sacagawea gives birth to a baby boy named Jean Baptiste
  • Maps, Reports and Indian Artifacts

    Maps, Reports and Indian Artifacts
    As they go along with their journey, Lewis and Clark send back maps, reports and Indian artifacts back to Jefferson for analysis. They send a dozen men back down river, but the remaining explorers continue their journey.
  • The Grizzly

    The Grizzly
    Lewis and another hunter killed a large grizzly bear, which none of them had ever seen before. They send the description back home to Jefferson.
  • We need horses

    We need horses
    Lewis and Clark find a tribe of Shoshone Indians and tries to negotiate for horses. The chief of the tribe is Sacagawea's brother, so they get horses and Lewis and Clark name the village Camp Fortunate.
  • Period: to

    The Journey Home

    On their way back, the current of the Missouri is behind Lewis and Clark so they are able to travel about 70 miles per day. They also pass other American travelers on their way upstream.
  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home
    WHen they return, Lewis and CLark are treated as National Heros. They return to Washington, D.C. and the men recieve double pay and 320 achres of land as a reward. The captain is awarded 1600 Acres. Lewis is named governor of Louisiana and CLark is made the Indian Agent for the West and Brigadier General of the territory's militia.