Shakespeare timeline

  • Period: 1564 to

    William Shakespeare family

    William Shakespeare is the eldest brother of John Shakespere and Mary Shakespeare. Her parents were named John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, and finally he married with Anne Hathaway which they had three sons called Sussana,Judith and Hamnet. Shakespeare loved all his descendents, but among his children, Hamlet who died when she was just a child. This fact was a blow of life for Shakespeare and it´s when considered and thinked about to write poems by the way to plasm his feelings.
  • Period: 1564 to

    William Shakespeare birth.

    Willam Shakeaspeare was born at 26 of Abril 1564 and he died at 3 of May 1616. He was born in a little England town called Stradtford-upon-Avon. His Birthplace realised in a rural house that actually is it an turisitic house that gaves us the opportunity to visit and check all the cornes where Shakespeare used to be during his childhood. Actually, the house is composed as a little museum that remains open to the public who has the enough curiosity to observe this popular house.
  • Period: to

    William Shakespeare and his "Lost Years"

    the Years 1585 to 1592 are considered the period of the most mysterious years about the style-life of William Shakespeare. Nobody knows what he had done during this seven years. The only thing that is known is that those years were a professional and personal break to recharge energy, because it´s considered that the playwright made a self-reflection of his life. years later, he couldn´t belive the fame that his thetrical compositions would have.
  • Period: to

    William Shakespeare, popular poems

    He writed a poem called "Venus and Adonis", (at 1593) in which is based on landscapes with the objective to express different points of views about the nature of the love. In addition to this, is used a changing tone in order to express the different opinions. At 1594 he wirted "The rape of Lucrece", it is based on describing topics such as rape (that is what happens to Lucrece), also honor, and revenge, in which at the end of the poem it contains a moralising purpose.
  • Period: to

    Shakespeare and "The Lord Chamberlain´s men"

    Meanwhile Shakespeare´s fame was increasing because of his poems, he get into "The Lord Chamberlain´s Men". This was a thetrical company into which Shakespeare was, particulary, in relation with that, because he was a dramatist. He was in this company for a few years and he liked it a lot because he was doing what he knew, and it was a time where he was able to improve his skills and even in his last years he was talking about the experiences he lived in "The Lord Chamberlain´s Men".
  • Period: to

    Shakespeare and his Tragic Writings

    He Wrote:
    KING LEAR, It´s about the King of the Lear Kingdom that treats about the division of the kingdom meanwhile the heritage of his three daughters. Through the plot there are bad decisions in which the tragedy is the fundamental theme of the history. MACBETH: A king of Scotland called Ducan has a problem because in his contry, the order prevails in the country and this fact gives rise to the phenomenon "individualism". The intention of Shakespeare was to plasm what the individualism did.
  • Period: to

    Shakespeare and his romance writings

    THE WINTER´S TALE: It´s also know as a comedy play that treats about a complex story that through its plot,we found themes of love,jealousy,redemtion and forgiveness. THE TEMPEST: In this play Shakespeare uses meravellous spaces with fantastic characters, the plot takes place in Italy,that´s why this play is a little bit set in Italy.
  • Period: to

    William Shakespeare last years

    His last years of life were also important as in 1609 he wrote a total of 154 sonnets and after this he retired and settled in his home town in 1611 to day five years later. This Poet,playwright, and actor, has been always remembered, and for this reason, films have been made in which he was the protagonist. Some of the most representing films:
    "Caesar must die"
    "Ricardo III"
    "Shakespeare in love"