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Sgt. John Wilson P2

  • John gets Spanish Influenza

    John gets Spanish Influenza
    As the Spanish Flu sweeps through Canada both Jack and Polly get sick, and with Jack's already weak condition from the tuberculosis, they seek help from Jessie's parents. Despite making both her parents sick as well, they all pull through and end up healthy.
  • WWI ends

    WWI ends
    The eleventh hour of the eleventh day during the eleventh month and Armistice is signed, finally bringng peace to the world. The Canadian armies (or whats left of them) are called home to return to their families.
  • John is Re-engaged in RNWMP

    John is Re-engaged in RNWMP
    Now the war is over Canada wants to increase the police force so after 3 months of absence John is welcomed back into the RNWMP. He and Jessie move to his new posting in Alberta.
  • John and Jessie move to Vancouver

    John and Jessie move to Vancouver
    John is stationed in Vancouver, where he eagerley moves to with his young wife. He feels more at ease with thousands of miles between him and Polly's shallow grave
  • Investigations into Pollys Disappearence begin

    Investigations into Pollys Disappearence begin
    This is an approximate date. Everything started when Elizabeth Craig wrote a letter pleading that someone find Polly and telling them of how she hadnt heard from in her in months. The police quietly investigate the whereabouts of Polly and slowly, a horrifying picture starts to form.
  • Jack Dismissed from RNWMP

    Jack Dismissed from RNWMP
    Jack is dismissed in Regina for stealing from his targets while on the job, charging them way more than he's supposed to. They are starting to heavil suspect Jack murdered Polly now, and hold him in the jail.
  • Polly's Body is Found

    Polly's Body is Found
    Finally after John confesses where he buried Polly's body the police work all night to dig her up. Pollys body is examined by the coroner who dictates her death came about by gunshot to the head.
  • John Convicted of Murder

    John Convicted of Murder
    The Jury comes to its decision: Jack is guilty of murdering his own wife, Polly Wilson, and will be taken to Prince Albert Jail. There he will wait until April 23rd where he will be hanged. Jack makes the strange comment afterward that he feels as if a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders, knowing his verdict.
  • John Wilson is Hanged

    John Wilson is Hanged
    John has his cup of coffee, then is marched out to the gallows where he meets his end. The murder of his 1st wife has finally been avenged. Incidently, his and Jessie's son is born this day as well.