Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror (Written by Edgar Allan Poe)

  • 1.1 The waking up

    1.1 The waking up
    A man woke up and he realized he was in a dark room. He did not remember why,So he decided to explore it. Meanwhile, he remember he was in Toledo and maybe he had been jailed for something. After that, he slept.
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    The Pit and the Pendulum

  • 1.2 The mystery hole

    1.2 The mystery hole
    He woke up again and someone had been there because next to him there was water and a loaf of bread. Exploring the room again, he found out there was a hole in the centre of the room, where hot air come out. All this was confirmed when a door above him opened and light all the room, he was kidnapped. He ate the bread and suddenly, he slept again.
  • 1.3 The blade

    1.3 The blade
    When he awoke, he was tied to a wooden bed and he could see the room. They have set him up! He looked up the ceiling and he saw a picture of Time with a metal blade in one hand. It start to move like a pendulum. It was getting lower and lower, it was killing him! So he had an idea. He spread the bread on the rope for the rats to eat it. They almost did it but they got scared from the blade. Therefore, he had to wait until the blade cut the rope and could jump fast. He managed to survive.
  • 1.4 The scape

    1.4 The scape
    But the danger continued. The room was becoming hot! He had to stay in the centre, in the hole, because it was colder. But it was not just that, the walls were moving toward him. He was going to die. He just could jump into the hole. But suddenly, he heard voices. They were the french soldiers that were going to save the prisioners. He was free!
  • 2.1 The visit

    2.1 The visit
    The protagonist went to visit his friend Legrand to a small island where he lived. He was weird and he didn't like meeting people. He lives with his servant Jupiter. Soon after the protagonist arrived, they came back. They were excited because they have found out a mystery bug. It was like a scarabag and they thought it was made from metal and had patterns. He didn't give too much importance and he came back to his house.
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    The Gold Bug

  • 2.2 The unexpected letter

    2.2 The unexpected letter
    A month later, Jupiter went to his house. He had a letter from Legrand. It said for coming to his house because he had something important So, he went there. Once there, he seemed mad. He had the gold bug and a paper. He said to him the paper had mystery letters which are trying to say something. Maybe it was important, and he thought he'll be able to know it. He ordered them to follow him.
  • 2.3 The treasure

    2.3 The treasure
    They went to another small island. And after climbing trees, counting steps and digging (always following the paper)... They found out a treasure of with a lot of valuable things! They were rich! Then Legrand explained the protagonist how he knew it.
  • 3.1 An hypnotist's question.

    3.1 An hypnotist's question.
    The story is told by a hypnotist who was an expert in everything related to it. He knew how to hypnotise and what the client felt. But he hadn't done one thing, hypnotising a person just as he died, and he really wanted to.
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  • 3.2 The Hypnosis

    3.2 The Hypnosis
    He could do it when a friend of him, Mr Valdemar, who was also interested in all that, agree to do it. He wait until he was almost dead and just there, he hypnotised. It was weird, He was officially dead because he didn't breathe but he could talk. The doctor's said he couldn't sign a dead cetificate. He said that Valdemar was not dead.
  • 3.3 The final

    3.3 The final
    Time passed, exactly 7 months. Valdemar was like the first day, he didn't go off and he was not officially dead. So the hypnotist made a decision, he would stop all this for his benefit. When he did it, Mr Valdemar was becoming into a yellow liquid and he was disappearing.Soon there was nothing left of Mr Valdemar's skin or body, only the yellow liquid and bones.
  • 4.1 The welcome

    4.1 The welcome
    The storyteller went to his friend's house, Roderick User,because he received a letter from him saying he was ill and he wanted to spare time with him. Once there, he noticed he was physically weird, but his atitude was the same. Also in the house lived his sister who was really ill and didn't reply them.
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  • 4.2 The Burial

    4.2 The Burial
    The days passed. They had so much fun together and the storyteller had no news about Madeline, the sister. Until one day when Roderick told him she was dead and he needed him to buried her. He agree although all was a bit strange, she wasn't cold.They took her to the basement and there she was buried in a coffin. From that moment, Roderick never rested.
  • 4.3 The Sinking of the house

    4.3 The Sinking of the house
    At night, Roderick came into the storyteller's room. He was very frightened. Outside, there was a storm with many lightnings flashing the house and with a strong wind. But that was not why Roderick was scared. He could hear Madeline! She was chasing him! Suddenly she appeared and went toward her brother. The storyteller could escape from the house and saw how the house get sunk in the lake.
  • 5.1 The Whirlpool

    5.1 The Whirlpool
    The story is told by a man who really want to see The Maelstrom. A type of whirlpool which happens in Norway. So he went there with a guide and he could see it. The guide explained him how the tide's turning produced that. The man, amazed, asks if it is possible to enter there without dying. The guide looked at him and tells him a personal story:
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  • 5.2 The fateful clock failure

    5.2 The fateful clock failure
    His cousins and he went out to fish one day. They had until 7 o'clock to be there because the Maelstrom was at that hour. He lookedat his clock and it indicated the six o'clock so they decided to go to the islands. But while they were leaving, the Maelstrom started. He looked at the clock again. It indicated six o'clock! It was wrong! The Maelstrom picked up the boat and it started turning it for many hours.
  • 5.3 He did it

    5.3 He did it
    His cousins held onto the mast but he couldn't so he held onto a empty barrel. There was a moment of hope but the boat was moving toward the pit faster and faster. The boat, with his cousins inside, fell down into the pit, but he, as the barrel floats, could emerge to the surface and survive. But now, he looked much older he really was due to this.
  • 6.1 The Seven Rooms

    6.1 The Seven Rooms
    A dangerous illness came to a country ruled by Prince Prospero. It had already killed the half of the inhabitants, so he called all his courtiers and they shut themselves up in a place of the castle and did a masque. This place was divided into 7 room. Each one has a different colour from the other one. They were, respectively, blue, purple, green, orange, white, pink and black. But this one's window was red as the blood and was lightened by a red light.
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  • 6.2 The Mystery Bell

    6.2 The Mystery Bell
    No one wanted to enter there. Furthermore, there was a clock in this room. A bell in the clock sang every hour and in that moment, everyone stopped dancing. Then, they continued as normal in this way they were until midnight.
  • 6.3 Midnight arrived...

    6.3 Midnight arrived...
    At midnight,suddenly, a stranger with a mask appeared. How could he enter there? The Prince ordered to arrest him but neither of them was capable of, they got afraid. The stranger led them to the black room. There, Prospero lost the pacience and decided to kill him. In that moment, a red light fell on the stranger, he was not wearing a mask! Prince Prospero and his friends fell onto the ground and died while their eyes, ears and nose blooding.
  • 7.1 A rude man?

    7.1 A rude man?
    The storyteller was sailing from Charleston to New York. Inside there, it was a friend of his, Cornelius Wyatt. He did know that because he had seen the list of passengers previously. Cornelius was an artist so he probably was selling his paintings in New York. But when he met in the hall, he was really rude. Actually he didn't even reply him! Besides that, it was supposed his wife was young and from New York, but neither of the two. That was so strange!
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  • 7.2 What is inside the box?

    7.2 What is inside the box?
    The things were getting more weird. Cornelius had booked three cabins. One for his sisters, one for his wife and he but... what about the third? He was thinking about that when two men carried out a box into the mystery cabin. He ask for, but they didn't know either. In the evening, while they were eating, he asked him about the door. Inmediately, Cornelius got palid and fainted. He was taken to the cabins. From that moment, he dind't separate from the box.
  • 7.3 A tragedy in the boat

    7.3 A tragedy in the boat
    A few days later, there was a dangerous storm. The the wind caused the ship to hit rocks and started to sink. Everyone must leave the boat. Everyone did it, everyone... less Cornelius who was still in the boat. He was holding the box. The captain shouted him to get into without the box but Cornelius did not agree. He shouted that it was more important than his live. Moments later, Cornelius, the box and the box sank. He didn't survive.
  • 7.4 We already know what was inside the box

    7.4 We already know what was inside the box
    A month later, the storyteller and the captain met again to talk about Cornelius and the box. The captain it was a mistake to accept carrying that box. Storyteller said why and the captain replied that inside the box was the body of his wife, she died days before. No captains wanted him to bring the box because it's bad luck. But he agreed. He also said the supposed wife was his servant.