Seperation of Church and State Within Public Schools

By haleyk
  • Everson vs. Board of Education

    The United States Supreme Court rules in the case of Everson v. Board of Education, Township of Ewing that New Jersey's law subsidizing the transportation of students to Catholic schools on public buses is not a violation of the establishment clause. The Court argues that transportation, like police and fire protection, appropriately advances the public welfare, and that the child, not the religious school, is the primary beneficiary of the aid. Therefo
  • McCollum vs. Board of Education

    Religious instruction withdrawn from public school system.
  • Tudor vs. Board of Education

    Distribution of Bibles banned from Public Schools.
  • Murray vs. Curlett

    Mandatory Bible verse recitation was ruled unconstitutional.
  • Lemon v. Kurtzman

    For a law to be considered constitutional under the Establishment Clause of the First Ammendment, the law must have a legitimate secular purpose, must not have the primary effect of either advancing or inhibiting religion, and must not result in an excessive entanglement of goverence and religion.
  • Federal Department of Education issues memo to Public Schools

    Memo declared non-disruptive activites such as: prayer, religious books, and religious activities allowed.
  • U.S. Constitution Ammendment

    U.S. Constitution Ammendment over-ruled the traditional Speration of Church and State by allowing organized prayer in public schools.
  • U.S. Supreme Court vs. Mississippi Federal Court

    U.S. Supreme Court elected to not review a decision by the Mississippi Federal Court concerning school prayer unconstitutional.
  • House Bill HB19 Alabama

    House Bill HB19 in Alabama declared each day would start with a maximum 60 second period of quiet reflection.
  • US Department of Education update

    US DOE pdated the 1995 guideleines on religion in schools to say Determined Religious Freedom Restoration Act was unconstitutional.
  • Display of Ten Commandments - Georgia

    The Display of Ten Commandments and a moment of silence was a teachers right in the state of Georgia.
  • Detroit Board of Education Proposal

    Detroit BOE proposed that a prayer room be established in all Detroit Public schools; however, this was over-rled as it violated the seperation of of Church and State.
  • House Bil 398- New Hampshire

    House Bill 398 in New Hampshire: Appealed the Lord's Prayer to be recited each day. Ruling: such prayers could be led, but not imposed on any student.
  • House Bill 1773- Florida

    House Bill 1773 (Florida): Imposed a brief opening/closing message at all noncompulsory activities was found offensive and was a disturbing attack on the First Ammendment.
  • Virgina Senate

    Virgina Senate proposed a minute of silence required of all public school teachers. Proposal approved.