Sean Combs

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    Sean Diddy Combs

    This is his life
  • He played football during his high school year.

    He played for Roman Catholic Mount Saint Michael.
  • He held a concert in City College of New York

    He promoted this for an AIDS charity basketball game.
  • He was fired from Uptown

    when he was fired from Uptown, he established the Bad Boy Records.
  • Bad Boys Records

    First he worked as a talent dierector at Uptown Records and he found Bad Boys Record.
  • He helped T.I. produce songs for TLC

    this was the decades best selling R&B album.
  • He recorded his first commercial vocal

    first commercial as a rapper under his name " Puff Daddy "
  • Grammy Awards

    No Way Out was the # 1 best rap album that made him win the award.
  • Heavy D and P Diddy was responsible for the incident.

    The crowd from the concert went on a stampede and broke the doors also broke several glasses.
  • J-lo & P Diddy were at Club New York

    gun fire broke out because of jealousy
  • Accused of assaulting Steve Stoute

    Stoute was a manager for Nas.
  • His fellow rapper Shyne arrested

    he was arrested because weapon violations and other charges.
  • Making the Band

    he made his own MTV Show
  • Running in the marathon

    he ran in the New York City Marathon and raised 2 million for educational system for kids in NY.
  • With Oprah Winfrey

    With Oprah Winfrey
    he discussed the Marathon with Oprah
  • " Vote or Die "

    " Vote or Die "
    he headed the campaigh Vote or Die for the Presidential Election.
  • He performed his single song " Coming Home "

    He performed his single song " Coming Home "
    he performed wrey and two other females background vocalists, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper on American Idol.