seal team six by howard e. wasdin and stephen templin

  • reach out and touch someone 321

    fiction memoir pre-8 pages total(10)
    the main character howard e. wadson is sniping and giving covering fire in mogadishu solmalia.he sets up to take the longest shot of his carrer then the chapter ends
  • one shot,one sill?

    howard preformes a HALO jump (high altitude low opening) and to sneak in fire one cold bore shot and return unseen.but they all missed their shot including a Delta Force unit.37
  • hell is for children

    howard talks about his childhood and how he was beat by his stepfather.he also talks about his first sniper op on a kid who beat up one of his friends he also talks about his frist job of selling water melon and how he was robbed. he talks about defending his sister after she was harrased.then talks about his first french kiss and first survalence op 53
  • russian sub and green hero

    he talks about getting thrown out of the house and marrying his first wife and enlisting for search and rescue in the navy.he also talks about his frist boxing match and the birth of his son his first SAR mission and the origion of the SEALs and some of thier stories and his enlistment memories. 71
  • the only easy day was yesterday

    he talks about BUD/S,hell week, more SEAL team stories and airborne school 103
  • SEAL team two

    he tells some of his seal team two sories along with winer warfare, training, operation urgent fury, the achille lauro, and panama.he tells about his first seal team two deployment along with a story about his son and the brth of his first daughter. 130
  • desert storm

    he tells of some his involvment in desert storm and him reciving the Navy Commendation Medal.also the first time he took a another life and being accepted to SEAL team 6 training 159
  • SEAL team 6

    he tells about SEAL team 6 training and has a personal story.also him being accepted into marine corps sniper school and completing it then going to red team and training there then to Fort Bragg then to trai with the australian S.A.S. 184
  • born-again sniper

    he talks about two diffrent shooting competitions 189
  • C.I.A. safe house - hunting for Aidid

    he talks about the prelude to the battle of mogadishu and the initial problems he faced also aidid the rebal leader causing suffuring 225
  • capturing aidids evil genius

    they capture atto aidids financier 239
  • eyes over mogadishu mission

    he tells about various times capturing aidid was called off and preparing for the longest day of his life 251
  • battle of mogadishu

    he tells about the two black hawks getting shot out of the sky and the battle in the city and being shot 3 diffrent times before going to the hospital 271
  • from the ashes

    he tells about hes recovery and rehabilitation from his wounds and trying to stay in the SEALs. 293
  • ambassador death threats

    he tells about when he protected a ambassador and when he quit the seals because of his leg 301
  • fish out of water

    he starts school to become a chiroprator and his father starts to not feel well 313
  • healing

    his father dies and he gets remarried and finds his biological dad 319
  • epilogue

    he tells of another SEAL story he salutes the SEALs 321