Scott F.

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald was born

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was born
    This is when F. Scott Fitzgerald was born. He was born in St. Paul Minnesota
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    F. Scott Fitzgerald Lifespan

  • Period: to

    F. Scott Fitzgerald High School Career

    This was scott’s high school career. He neglected his academics and pursued his passion for literary training.during this time, he was a contributor to The Princeton TIGER magazine
  • Joined the army

    Since Scott wasn’t doing great academically, it motivated him to join the army. After joining the army, he wrote his first romantic novel, which was later rejected
  • Assigned to an army camp

    Assigned to an army camp
    Scott got assigned to his camp near Montgomery, Alabama. While at camp, he met Zelda Sayre (who’s father was a justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama)
  • Discharged From The Army

    Scott was discharged from the army. after his departure, he went to New York City and engaged Zelda. After the engagement, it was called off because Zelda didn’t want to marry someone with a low income. Afterwards, he moved back to his parents home in St. Paul

    After Scott perfected his novel “this side of paradise”, he deemed it was good enough to be published so he sent it in. After not too long, his novel got accepted by editor Maxwell Perkins
  • Quit His Job

    After moving in with his parents, Scott quit his job so he can re-write his rejected novel. Upon completion, Scott re-named it “This Side Of Paradise”
  • Commenced Career

    Later in the year of 1919, Scott officially commenced his career as a writer of stories for the mass circulation magazines such as “The Saturday Evening Post”. The Saturday Evening Post later became his best story market
  • Officially Married

    Officially Married
    At the beginning of 1920, Scott officially married Zelda and they both moved to New York. Afterwards, Scott wrote his second novel named “ The Beautiful And Damned”
  • Great Neck Of Long Island

    The family moved here because it was closer to broadway and Scott created a play called “The vegetable”. This play failed at the tryout so he wrote short stories to get himself out of debt
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    The Fitzgerald’s went to France where Scott wrote The Great Gatsby
  • Period: to

    The Great Gatsby

    Scott revised The Great Gatsby from 1924 to 1925. upon revising the book, Scott published it and he got lots of critical feedback from it
  • Ballet Training

    Zelda began intense ballet training. After all the work, her health became badly damaged
  • Period: to

    Zelda’s Health

    Zelda suffered from her first breakdown and was treated in Switzerland until September of 1931
  • Fourth Novel

    Fourth Novel
    Scott completed his fourth novel named “The Last Tycoon”. This novel related the relationship between Scott and Zelda when it was written
  • Period: to

    Scott’s Alcoholism

    Souring this period, Scott became an alcoholic and became unable to write commercial stories. He wasn’t able to provide for his kid so she was sent to boarding school
  • Away To Hollywood

    Away To Hollywood
    Scott moved to Hollywood to work with MGN to be a screenwriter until 1938
  • Scott’s Death

    Scott’s Death
    Scott passed away due to a heart attack. He died due to him believing he’s a failure and his alcoholism. All of this started when he believed he couldn’t publish novels frequently