Science history

By Adross
  • 150


    Roman citizen living in Egypt Came up with system of Earth as center = ptolemaic system
  • Feb 12, 1543

    Copernicus published around...

    wrote in lating = not for the masses
    Heliocentric system Challenged aristotle! Learned astronomy himself thansk to printing press!!!!
  • Feb 12, 1572

    Tyco Brahe's stella nova

    -Bright enough to be seen during the day
    -"New star" = challenge to Aristotle's unchanging skies.
  • Feb 12, 1577

    Tyco Brahe spots a comet - no parallax!

    So comet very close - would have smashed through crystalline spheres
  • William Gilbert (1544 - 1603) qualitative experiments on electricity

    Inspired Galileo
  • Kepler's laws of planetary motion

    1. orbits are ellipses
    2. Planets speed up as they approach the sun and slow down as they move away
    3. Orbital speed drops as the orbital length increases
    Based on observations NOT authority!
  • Thomas Harriot uses telescope to look at ngiht sky BUT silent!

    he doesn't tell anyone = no credit! no impact! Did so MONTHS before Galileo
  • Galileo's Starry Messenger

    In january of 1610, turns telescope to the sky !
  • "letter to the Grand duchess Chistina" by Galileo

  • Copernicus placed on index of banned books

  • Period: to

    Cooling off period for Galileo and the Church

  • Galileo writes "dialogue concerning the two chief world systems

  • Royal Society of London created

  • Newton "discovers" gravity, invents calculus and theory of light

  • Paris Academy of Sciences created

  • Royal Soc of London elects Newton as Fellow bc of mirror telescope

  • William Hershel Discovers Uranus

    New planets! Expanded the size of the solar system Also discoveres its moons
  • 1840s first photographs of the moon

    Could be linked with spectroscopy
  • Helium discovered by Lockyer and Janssen

    lines not seen in the spectrum of any element tested = new elements in the Sun!
  • Joseph von Fraunhofer observes spectral absorption in solar spectrum

    coudl determine what was in the sun Spectroscopy as a way to classify stars bsed on what elements they contain.
  • henrietta Leavitt's Cepheids - standard candle

    She discovered 4 new stars AND variable stars = Cepheids! (standard candle = relationshi bw brightness and period, If you move candle away - less bright! so you can figure out how far away the star is)
  • Hubble announces that universe is a lot bigger than we thought.

    Using Cepheids he identified in spiral nebulae
    • universe is expanding = 1931
  • Big bang idea proposed by George Lemaitre

    evidence only foundn in 1964 bc of cosmic radiation
  • Dark matter by Fritz "missing mass"

  • Dark Energy as reason for universe expansion speeding up