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Science and Society Class Project

By ERayhel
  • Aug 29, 1514

    Copernicus proposes a Heliocentric solar system

  • Gilbert discovers magnetic core of the Earth

  • Galileo Galilei publishes SIDERIUS NUNCIUS (Starry Messenger)

    In Siderius Nuncius, Galileo describes the phases of venus, which indicated that venus was orbiting the Sun, not Earth.
  • Newton propses law of gravity

  • Discovery of the first cell by Robert Hooke

    Point added by Justin Rujawitz
  • spontaneous generation disproven

  • bacteria observed by van Leeuwenhoek

  • Romer measures the speed of light

  • Franklin discovers that electricity is fluid

  • Uranus observed

  • Electric flow discovered by Volta

  • properties of cement discovered by Aspdin

  • Doppler effect discovered by Christian Doppler

  • Discovery of anaesthesia by William Morton

  • link between Cholera and water source discovered by John Snow

  • Dominant and recessive traits proposed by Gregor Mendel

  • properties of dynamite discovered by Nobel

  • Period Table Developed by Dmitri Mendeleev

  • Carbon filament for incandescent lightbulb discovered by Edison

  • Discovery of xrays by Wilhelm Roentgen

  • Becquerel discovers that uranium is radioactive

  • Aspirin purified by Felix Hoffman

  • Einstein publishes the Theory of Relativity

  • Atomic structure understood by Bohr

  • Penecillin effect discovered

  • discovery of atomic chain reactions by Oppenheimer

  • Watson and Crick propose structure of DNA

  • Jonas Salk develops polio vaccine

  • Development of the computer language C