Saudi Arabia

By Wilbb44
  • Old King New Prince

    King Saud is depsoed by his brothers.
    A new Prince is Crowned Faysal Bin Abd al Aziz al Saud
  • The OIC

    Orginaization of the Islamic Conference is Founded in Jeddah
  • Gain Control

    Saudi Arabia gain control of 20% of Aramco
    United States lost that 20% of the control of Saudi's oil
  • October War

    Saudi Arabia leads in oild boycott
    Oil Prices GO UP
    King Faysal is Assassinated
  • New King

    King Faysal is succeeded by his brother Khalid Bin Abd al Aziz Al Saud
  • Diplomatic Relations

    Saudi serves as diplomatic relations with Egypt after it makes peace with Israel
  • Full Aramco Control

    Saudi Arabia takes full control of Aramco from the United States
  • GCC King Dies

    Saudi Arabia is founder member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (King Khalid) Dies
  • New King

    Fahd Bin Abd al Aziz Al Saud is the new Crowned prince.
    King Khalid brother Takes over after his assassination
  • Custodiam of the Two Holy Mosques

    King Fahd adds the title "Custodian of the two holy Mosques" to his name
  • Diplomatic Relations

    Saudi Arabia resumes diplomatic relations with Egypt severed since 1979
  • Kuwait Invasion

    Iraq ivades Kuwait
    Kuaiti goverment and many citizens stay in Saudi Arabia but expels citizens from Yemen and Jordan
    Yemen and Jordan goverments support Iraq
  • Air Attack

    Saudi Arabia is involved in both air attacks on Iraq and in the land forces that went to liberate Kuwait
  • Cosultative Council

    King Fahd announces the "Basic System of Goverment" emphasising the duties and responsibilities of a ruler. He proposes setting up a Consultative Council (Majlis al-Shura
  • 13 Administrative Divisions

    King Fahd decrees the division of Saudi Arabia into 13 Administrative Divisions
  • Consultative Council

    the Consultive Council is inaugurated
    It is composed of a chairman and 60 member chosen by the king
  • Osama Bin Laden

    Islamic dissidnet Osama Bin Laden is stripped of his Saudi Nationality King Fahd ILL
  • New Prince

    King Fahd has a stroke
    Crowning of a New Prince Abdullah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al
  • BOMB!!!

    A Bomb explodes at the U.S military complex near Dhahran Killing 19 citizens and wounding over 300
  • Consultative Council 60-90??

    King Fahd increases th member of the Consultative Council from 60 to 90
  • Women attend Council

    20 Saudi Arabian women attended a Counsultative Council for the 1st time EVER
  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International describes Saudi Arabia treatment to women particularly foreign domestic workers as "untentable" by legal standards
  • Blast Kills and arrest made in Riyadh

    Several British workers were arrested in Riyadh after series of blast killed British and american citizens
  • September 11th attacks :(

    15 of the 19 Hijackers were involved in attacks on New York and Washington are Saudi Nationals
  • Terrorism Prohibited

    King Fahd calls for terrorism to be erased by saying that terrorism is Prohibited by Islam
    Goverment takes a step toward giving women ID cards
  • Confession of March 2001 Bombing

    Brisitsh Male (Ron Jones) arrested in Riyadh after the March 2001 Bombing Claiming that Saudi Arabian Authorities tortured him to get a confession
  • Criminal Codes

    Include ban of tourture and right of supects to legal representation
    But yet Violation continues
  • Saudi Foreign Minsiter Tells United States "NO!!"

    Saudi Minsiter says no to allowing the united state the abitliy to use its facilities to attack Iraq, even if there were an United Nation sanctioned Strike
  • Period: to

    Bomb,Attacks and Suicide

    Between the years 2003 and 2010 more than 760 citizen were killed from terrorist attacks
    Over 620 people were either linked to al-Qaeda, were accused of being in the ploting for hijacking the US planes on september 11th or being in the act of planning suicide missions
  • No more Us Military in Saudi Arabia

    United States told Saudi Arabia that they will pull out all military personel in Saudi Arabia Both Countries STRESS that they will STILL REMAIN ALLIES
  • Bombing Goes EXTREME

    Suicide Bombers kill 35 people in a housing complex for the westerners in Riyadh HOURS before the Secretary of Sate Colin Powell Flies in for a visit
  • New King :)

    King Fahd dies and is secceeded by Prince Abdullah
  • Annoncements By King Abdullah

    King Abdullah announces the increase in welfare spending, threats to National Security and its stability will not be tolerated Small protest against release of political prisoners are continued and are still being continued