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Life of Saddam Hussein

  • Birth

    Born in Tikrit, Iraq
  • Influence

    Saddam flew back to Baghdad to live with his uncle, Khairallah Talfah, who was a devout Sunni Muslim and ardent Arab nationalist and influenced Saddam’s political views during his youth
  • Education and Early Career

    Education and Early Career
    Graduated from Baghdad’s al-Karkh High School and joined Ba'ath Party
  • Attempted Assassination

    Attempted Assassination
    Involved with the attempted assassination of Iraq's president, Abd al-Karim Qasim along with other members from the Ba’ath Party
  • Rise of Career

    Rise of Career
    Became president Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr’s deputy and developed into a constructive politician
  • Career Officially Begins

    Career Officially Begins
    Compelled al-Bak to withdraw and was legally declared as president of Iraq
  • Oil Invasion; Iran-Iraq War

    Oil Invasion; Iran-Iraq War
    Iraqi forces raided oil-rich region of Khuzestan under Saddam’s control, resulting in the Iran-Iraq war and killing thousands mutually
  • The Invasion of Kuwait

    The Invasion of Kuwait
    Since Iraq's economy and infrastructure were damaged, the Raid of Kuwait was ordered by Saddam due to their wealthiness
  • Fall of Baghdad and Saddam's Career

    Fall of Baghdad and Saddam's Career
    Baghdad fell due to the US invading Iraq while Saddam managed to escape
  • Found

    Was found in an underground bunker near a farmhouse in Ad-Dawr, Iraq
  • Death

    Deceased in Camp Justice, an Iraqi base, in Baghdad