sadaf's history of fashion

  • the victorians wore big hats and theynhad flowers and feathers on them

    all victorian women used to were hats and they used to have big flowers and feathers on them even young girls used to were hats with flowers and feathers on them
  • the victorians dressd apropriatley to thier age

    all victorians used to dress apropriatley to their ages because they thought if you wore clothes that wern't right for your age you were imature
  • the victorians clothes were very tight around the waist

    women used to were clothes that were very tight around the waist
    some women would faint because they coudnt breath properly but all women were doing it {that was the fashion } and if you didnt do it everyone would stare at you and would call you fat
  • the egyptians wore light wighted clothes

    the egyptians wore light wighted clothes becauseit was too hot for them too were heavy clothes .young egyptian children used to walk around naked
  • the romans had differnt types of clothes for diffrent people

    the slaves used to were diffrenet clothes and the working men and high class people used towere colourful clothes
  • the egyptians used to were lots of jems and jewlery

    the egyptians usedto were white clothes but when the jews and jewlery went on it would add so much colourful
  • the greeks used to were peices of white clothes they used to turn them into dresses

    the greeks clothing was very simple they used to were white big peices of fabric but they used to turn them into dresses in winter the greeks used to make dresses out of wool and in summer they used to make them out of linen
  • greek clothing was very expensive

    greek fabric was very expensive you could only get your clothes from the angora {market }
  • greek women used tomake their own clothes

    women used to make their own clothes because to get the clothes made by someone else would cost too much so they women decided to sew clothes for them selves and their families
  • the greek women used to sew dresses and tunics

    housewives and slaves had to sew clothes for their master or families because it costed to much to get them made by a profesianal
  • roman men wore the tunica and the toga

    all men wore these two main types of garments they were called the tunica andthe toga The tunica was a short woolen under garment with short sleeves
  • married roman women used to were loose clothes

    roman women wore long dreses [up to their feet } this dress had no sleeves on it and was worn by married roman women