By Maria5A
  • born

  • Period: to


  • louisiana territory

    The United States purched louisiana territory from France. Lwia and Clark start expedition
  • sacagawea's son is born

    son Jean Baptiste is born
  • crosse Bitterrot

    The corps croosses Bitterrot
  • sacagawea is back

    sacagawea is back among the Hidatsa
  • sacagawea leavves charbonneau

    sacagawea leaves charbonneau and begins to wander eventualy makes home with comanches
  • seltles down with her shoshone people

    this time to abaut 1870 sacagawea seltles down with her shoshone people .Is reunited whith Baptiste and adopted nepnew, Brazil. She lived on wind river Reservation in present day WYoming.
  • sacagawea lives in St. Louisisana

    sacagawea and her husben laeve in St.Louisiana, most likly six years old baptisete remains whith Clark
  • sacagawea dies

    elderly woman known as sacagawea dies atwind river
  • lewis and clark expedition

    Stone is erected recofnozing wind river woman as sacagawea ,a gide with the lewis and clark expedition