By ThomJE
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    Attacks a wizzard

    Roverandom (the main character that is a dog) meets an ancient sand-sorcerer and gets transformed into a toy because he attacked him and was rude.
  • 2

    Sent to a toyshop

    After Roverandom was transformed into a toy, he gets found and brought to a toy shop.
  • 3

    Roverandom gets sold

    After he was brought to the toyshop, he gets sold to a family as a present for the little boy.
  • 4

    Able to move

    After the first day of being thrown around by his little owner, he gets left at the beach by accident. When the tide was coming in, he found out that he was able to move. He was able to move at nighttime and when nobody was watching.
  • 5

    The runaway

    Roverandom runs away from the boy and his family, wanting to be a free and wild dog again.
  • 6

    Meets a sand-sorcerer

    After Roverandom's runaway, he stumbles upon a sand-sorcerer called Psamathos. They get to know each other, and he also gives Roverandom some food.
  • 7

    Meets Mew

    After he gets to know Psamathos, he talks about his problem with being a toy. Psamathos wanted to help, so he asked an eagle called Mew to help Roverandom find the wizard that transformed him. Mew had no other choice than to say yes.
  • 8

    Going on adventure

    Psamathos gave Mew special powers that made him bigger, stronger, and smarter so he could fly Roverandom to the moon looking for the wizard.
  • 9

    Arriving at the moon

    When they finally arrive at the moon, they meet the Man-In-The-Moon and his dog. The Man-In-The-Moon said he didn't know where the wizard was, but he knew about someone who might. The Man-In-The-Moon's dog was called Rover and looked a lot like Roverandom. The only difference was that he had wings and spots.
  • 10

    The moon-trip with Rover

    While there was on the moon, the Man-In-The-Moon gave Roverandom wings. Rover wanted to try his new wings with his new friend Rover, so they went on a trip. They went on a trip to the dark side of the moon, to the white dragon's cave. The dragon chased them, but the Man-In-The-Moon defeated him and sent him back.
  • 11

    The moon trip with the Man-In-The-Moon

    Roverandom and the Man-In-The-Moon go to the middle of the moon, where they meet children who are there in their dreams. The little boy (his second owner) is there, and he plays with Roverandom.
  • 12

    Meets Uin

    The Man-In-The-Moon sent them to visit Uin, who was a whale and a friend of him. He knew the wizard and said he was named Artaxerxes.
  • 13

    Meets Artaxerxes

    Uin takes Roverandom to Artaxerxes, the wizard from the beginning, and asks for his forgivness. He wishes to be transformed into his normal size.
  • 14

    The sea trip with Artaxerxes dog

    Roverandom meets Artaxerxes dog, called Mer-Dog-Rover. They follow Artaxerxes to a cave where the sea-serpent lives. They accidentally manage to wake up the sea-serpent, and it results in Artaxerxes getting expelled from the ocean forever.
  • 15

    Roverandom gets his home and his size back

    After the ban, Roverandom follows Artaxerxes back to land. He proves to Artaxerxes that he has a good heart and deserves to get his old life back. The story ends happily with him getting his old size back and going back to living a good life in his home.