Ronald Reagan's Foreign And Domestic Policies

  • Foreign: Terrorism

    Reagan tried really hard in trying to go to different countries to stop the spreading of terrorism here and in other countries. Even though his plan might not have worked fully, it was a good start to helping with one of the huge problems in the United States, which is terrorism.
  • Domestic: Election and "Reaganomics"

    When elected into office, Reagan had a concept, which was later caled "Reaganomics" which helped with other programs he could go and modify to his ability and what he thought would be the right thing for the country.
  • Domestic: Social Programs

    Reagan went and instead of putting more money into social programs and less in military, he did the opposite. He cut social programs, like school luches, welfare, food stamps, Medicare, and student loans, and put more of that money into the military so we could be intimidating.
  • Domestic: Recovery Act

    The Recovery Act was put inplace so that he could find cuts that needed to be balanced in his plan, which in the long-run of his presidency, turned the US down the path of Rgoing down his. Recession would remain as their only choice to get the country out of the mess that he created.
  • Domestic: Tax Cuts

    Since of Reaganomics, he also cut the takes on the richer population of Americans and slowly went to the poorer people in America. This helped the population raise employment rates and boosted growth in the United States.
  • Domestic: Deregulation

    To help in the aid of the government, Reagan decided to limit the control of the oil drilling, cable, satellite, ect. and put it where the government would not support it as much as they did in the past to vertually nothing.
  • Foreign: Military

    Reagan wanted to put more money into the military, so he set up some policies which would put more money into the military so that he could send the troops and scare other countries with the power that the United States yields. In the long-run of all of this, this is one of the causes of budget deficit in the country.
  • Foreign: Soviet Union

    Since of the growing military power in the USSR, Reagan sent out a speech warning citizens about the USSR and how they are a huge threat to the United States. He wanted to show the USSR that they should not mess with the United States and that we can beat them out any day.
  • Iran-Contra Affair

    During this affair, the United States was in a deal with another country, which when the US gave something to them, in returm, they would get hostages. This made some poeple furious since not very many people were informed of this event that was happening between the US and another country.
  • Foreign: Berlin Wall

    Reagan made a speech at the Berlin Wall in November, 1987, which helped him state that he wanted cCmmunism to stop in German, two years later, the Berlin Wall was torn down and it helped Germany by having Communism end in their country.