Robinson Crusoe

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  • Crusoe birth

    Baptised as Robinson Kreutznaer, he was born in the City of York in England, where he was called Crusoe. He had two brothers and his father was from a good family. He wanted to go to sea, something his father didn't like very much.
  • First trip

    First trip
    Despite his father's warnings, he went on board a ship to London with one of his friends. It was a trip full of storms that almost caused his death, but when it ended he still wanted to be a merchant sailor.
  • Prisioner in Africa

    Prisioner in Africa
    After the death of his friend, he plans a second trip where he is attacked by Turkish pirates who took him as a prisoner and sold him as a slave. It was there where he met his friend Xury.
  • Escape with Xury

    Escape with Xury
    After two years of slavery, he and his Moorish friend Xury in their master's fishing boat. Fortunately, a Portuguese ship rescued them, taking them safely to Brazil, where Xury was bought as a slave and Crusoe created a prosperous sugar plantation.
  • Boat to Cape St Augustine

    Boat to Cape St Augustine
    After telling his merchant friends about his expeditions in Africa, they propose to travel to Guinea to buy slaves to improve the plantation.
  • Arrival to the the island

    Arrival to the the island
    During the journey, the ship they were sailing on collided with a sandbar and sank, leaving Crusoe as the only survivor. This is how Robinson, scared by what happened, was shipwrecked near the shore of an island which he called the Island of Despair.
  • Found new animals.

    Found new animals.
    He descovered new animals, plants and foods.
  • Construction of his house.

    Construction of his house.
    He found a place in which build his house.He began to dig in the rock behind his tent to make a cave in whick to store his goods. He needed a pick-axe and a shovel. He made a pick-axe out of the pieces of iron he had taken from the ship, but he had no idea how to make a shovel.He built a fence around his house. He cut branches from trees and planted them deep in the ground.
  • Domestic and raised goats.

    Domestic and raised goats.
    He killed oe goat and shot another in the leg. He led the wounded goat home and he took care of it. It lived and grew tame. He breeding he goats so that they would grow up and provide him food.
  • Disease.

    He fell ill and began shivering.He did not sleep all night because of the fever.He was terrified by his illness and he had no one to help him. For several days he lay shivering with fever.The next day he woke up feeling better.
  • Dreams.

    He began to have strong hallucinations of his life when he was in England and Brazil. Start reading bibles and become a Christian.
  • Footprints in the sand

    Footprints in the sand
    When he was coming down the hill to the shore, he was amazed and horrified because he saw human skulls, hands and feet lying on the sand. There was a hole where a fire was made by the savages, they made their inhuman feast eating the bodies of their fellow-men.
  • Saving Friday

    Saving Friday
    One morning, Robinson saw five canoes on the shore. The nights before he had been dreaming of escaping with a prisioner of the savages, and that's what happened. The five canoes were from them and they had two prisioners. As soon as they killed one, the other one run away being followed by two savages. Robinson was watching everything and decided to rescue the prisoner by killing both of the savages. The prisoners name was Friday.
  • Living with Friday

    Living with Friday
    During 3 years Crusoe and Friday lived happily. Friday left cannibalism and become a christian thanks to Crusoe.
    Friday told Crusoe that an English boat wrecked on his island and the white people were now living with them on their nation. Crusoe decided to build a ship to leave the island with the help of Friday.
  • Attack of the savages

    Attack of the savages
    Friday found 3 canoes on the beach and went to warn Crusoe of what he had discovered.They discovered that 21 savages had arrived on the island and that they had prisoners tied with ropes on the beach. The savages were doing a cannibal fest so they decided to attack them.They managed to free a Spaniard and a European prisoner and with their help they killed most of the savages.When the fight ended they discovered that inside another canoe there was another prisoner who was Friday's father.
  • Arrival of the English ship

    Arrival of the English ship
    Crusoe discovered the arrival of an English ship on the beach.
    There were 11 men and three of them were tied to a tree, they were prisoners, the enemies were going to kill them. One of the prisoners was the captain of the ship and that was why Crusoe spoke with him and helped him to kill the enemies. Friday and Crusoe free the three prisoners and as a gift the captain gave him his ship.
  • Travel to England

    Travel to England
    The captain of the ship that was released by Crusoe and Friday, gave them the ship. Crusoe, Friday, Friday´s father, the captain, and the Spanish returned to England on the ship.
  • Period: to

    Travel to England

    After 28 years, 2 months and 19 days Robinson Crusoe arrived to England. He was married and he had 3 children.
  • Ship to the East Indies

    Ship to the East Indies
    Crusoe´s wife died. A friend invited him to travel with him to the Indian Islands. Crusoe went on board on the journey.