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Robert Schumann

  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Robert Schumann was born in Zwickau, Germany.
    His father was a writer so he loved reading and writing, and he also loved music.His parents were not interested in music, and her mother wanted him to study law. She tried to stoped him to study music and sent him to Leipzig to study law.
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    Robert schumann

  • Studies and love.

    Studies and love.
    He went to Leipzig to study law, but he continued studying music apart of law. He fell in love with his music teacher´s daughter, Clara.Clara’s father refused to let them to get married. But after some years Robert and Clara could finally get married.He was so in love that he couldn’t stop composing songs and that became known as “Schumann’s Year Song”.
  • Some works.

    Some works.
    He published a music magazine called "Neue zeitschrift fur musik".
    He published "Papillons", "carnaval" and "kinderszenen".
  • Ilnesses.

    He suffered a nervous breakdown because he was a vey hard working person.
  • more works.

    more works.
    He damaged his hand and he became a full-time composer. His most famous musical compositions were for piano. In 1845 he composed a piano concerto for his wife and some other pieces that Clara played in her concerts all over Europe.
  • Suicide.

    He was a hard working person and suffered a nervous breakdown in 1844.He attemps suicide by throwing himself into the Rhine.
  • Death.

    After many attacks of depression, he asked to be sent to a mental hospital outside the city of Bonn where he died in 1856, and he was buried in Bonn.