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Robert Latimer

  • Tracy Latimer's Birth

    Tracy Latimer's Birth
    Tracy Latimer is born with severe cerebral palsy.
  • Period: to

    Case on Robert and Tracy Latimer

  • Tracy Latimer's Death

    Robert Latimer killed her by carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • First Conviction

    Found guilty of 2nd-degree murder. Latimer's sentence is 10 years in prison.
  • Second Trial

    Latimer has a second trial with the Supreme Court because the jury was questioned by a prosecutor on their ethical and moral beliefs.
  • Second Conviction

    Robert Latimer is convicted again for the same crime but the jury found he should be allowed parole after one year.
  • Judge Noble's Sentence

    Judge Ted Noble sentences Latimer to one year in prison and one year in house arrest.
  • Sentence of Ten Years

    Latimer's sentence of two years is overturned by the Saskatchewan Court. He must now serve the minimum ten years.
  • Supreme Court's Decision

    Supreme Court's Decision
    The Supreme Court of Canada maintains Latimer's sentence, of life in prison and the minimum of ten years, after he appeals to them.
  • Day Parole

    The Parole Board allows Latimer day parole. He chose to stay in Ottawa.
  • Full Parole

    Robert Latimer is released on full parole.