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    Downey Jr. grew up in, "Greenwich Village, New York". He starts acting at the age of 5. Unfortunately, he started to take drugs at age 6. At age 10, he moved to England
  • Birth

    He is born. parents being Rober Downey sr. and Elise Ann.
  • First film in acting career

    at the age of 5, Downey Jr starts his film career with the 1970 film Pound
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    Teen acting and the critical acclaim

    He starts to take on more roles. He moved to Hollywood to continue his acting career. He joins SNL, (Saturday Night Live), but was considered one of the worst actors in SNL history. He also takes on coming-of-age roles during the 80s
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    The low point

    Downey continues acting. His drug abuse led to many issues in his life. He would get arrested for many charges like breaking and entering, carrying drugs, speeding, and failing to arrive at a drug test. In 2001, he was fired from acting in the roles he was set for and current roles.
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    Downey JR. decides to quit drugs and recover and end his addiction. He got hired to act once again in 2003 He slowly started to get better roles and more mainstream roles.
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    Becoming Mainstream

    Downey Jr. takes on more and more mainstream roles. Eventually, he takes on the major role of "Iron Man". In 2008, he was considered one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by "TIME". He became the highest-paid actor from 2013 to 2015.
  • Today

    Today, He continues to work in films as an actor. He made a film studio with his wife named, Team Downey. He hosted a documentary about artificial intelligence in 2019. He is still working on many unknown projects. He also continues to inspire people who are at low points in their life to build themselves back up and succeed in life.