Rise and Fall of Soviet Union

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    Rise and Fall of Soviet Union

  • Creation of the Politburo

    Communist party's way of electing officials
  • Last of the Romanovs

    The last of the Romanovs were executed and killed and there would never be another Czar leader.
  • Russian Civil War

    The war between the white and the red armies. The war lasts until 1923
  • Treaty of Brest-Livosk

    This treaty would end the Russian Civil War.
  • Stalin's Five Year Plans

    Stalin would issue his five year plan to improve Russia and industrialize it quickly to catch up with the west
  • World War 2

    Russia goes to war with Germany and the Japanese fighting along side the U.S and Great Britain
  • Joe 1

    The Soviets would create an atomic bomb similar to the ones the U.S. made
  • Hydrogen Bomb

    The Soviets design a better and more deadly bomb. The hydrogen-fusion bomb.
  • Warsaw Pact

    A military treaty that stated if you signed that you would go and aid others in war
  • Sputnik

    The first satellite was put into Earth's orbit by the Soviets
  • Laika and Sputnik 3

    Laika would be the first dog to go into space.
  • Creation of Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall was created cutting off communication between the East and the West
  • 1968 Invasion of Czechoslovakia

    The Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia with the aid of others who signed the Warsaw Pact
  • SALT 1

    The U.S. and the Soviet Union come together to make an agreement on the cap of their weapons stock of nuclear weapons. The negotiations would last until May 26, 1972 and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty would be created from SALT 1
  • SALT 2

    The Soviets and the U.S. would come together again to discuss the weapons, and they would come to an agreement in 1979. But the U.S. would withdrawl from SALT 2 in 1986
  • Soviet-Afghan War

    Russia would invade Afghanistan to spread communism but they would lose this war.
  • Voting Reforms by Gorbachev

    Gorbachev lets people vote for who they want to be in the communist party
  • Gorbachev Becomes Leader

    Gorbachev becomes the Communist Party General Secretary.
  • Perestrokia

    Gorbachev's program of political, economic, and social reconstruction
  • Glasnost

    Word Gorbachev brought into the Russian vocabulary. It means openness
  • Cherynobyl Disaster

    A bad design by the Soviet's for a nuclear power plant cause a disaster in Cherynobyl
  • Lithuania and Latvia Protests

    Two million people joined hands and protested against illegal Soviet occupation
  • The Fall of Berlin Wall

    The separation of the East and the West was over and people could travel to ether side
  • Gorbachev steps down

    Gorbachev steps down as president of the USSR
  • Boris Yeltsin becomes President

    Boris Yeltsin becomes president of Russia
  • Free Elections in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary

    Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary all become democratic nations and hold free elections