Renaissance Timeline

  • Sep 26, 1485

    Richard III is killed in battle

    Richard III was King of England for two years, from 1483 until his last battle. Richard III was the last English king to be killed in battle.
  • Sep 26, 1492

    Columbus reaches the americas

    1492, Christopher Columbus landed in what is now the Bahamas, changing the world forever
  • Sep 26, 1503

    Leonardo da Vinci Paints the Mona Lisa

    The Mona Lisa is Leonardo da Vinci's and the world's most famous painting, it is also the only portrait by Leonardo whose authorship remains unquestioned.
  • Sep 26, 1516

    Thomas More's Utopia is Published

    The book, written in Latin, is a frame narrative primarily depicting a fictional island society and its religious, social and political customs.
  • Sep 26, 1543

    Henry VIII proclames himself head of church of england

    Henry Vlll is probably the most well known of the Tudor kings. He broke away from the Catholic Church and proclaimed himself head of the Church of England.
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth I becomes queen of england

    Tudor is considered by many to be the greatest monarch in English history. When she became queen in 1558, she was twenty-five years old!
  • Sep 26, 1564

    William Shakespear, the Bard of Avon, is Born

    an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".
  • Globe Theatre is built

    The Theatre where most of shakespears plays were preformed.
  • Shakespear writes King lear and Macbeth

    Written within a year of each other, these are widely regarded as Shakespeare's most profound tragedies.
  • Jamestown Virgina is established on american soil by the english

    the Virginia Company explorers landed on Jamestown Island to establish the Virginia English colony on the banks of the James River
  • Shakespears Sonnets are Published

    Shakespeare's sonnets were published in 1609, no doubt without authorization, by the unsavory Thomas Thorpe (1580-1614),
  • King James bible Published

    First addition of history's most printed book.
  • The Mayflower lands at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts

    The Mayflower Arrives in the New World- Plymouth Rock a History. ... of whom were Puritans, received a grant of land on which to set up their own colony. They set sail from England on the Mayflower, arriving in Massachusettes
  • Newspapers are first published in London

    The first titled newspaper, Corante, was published in London, England in 1621. And the first regular daily newspaper called The Daily Courante
  • John Milton begins Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton
  • Puritan Commonwalth ends; Monarchy is restored with Charles II

    The Restoration of the English monarchy began in 1660 when the English, Scottish. Ended the Protectorate and Commonwealth; Restoration of Charles II. Puritanism lost its momentum, and the bawdy "Restoration comedy"