Reconstruction of Georiga Timeline

  • End of Civil War

    End of Civil War
    Confederate forces at Gettysburg were defeted.afetr the war was over preisident Lincoln was reelcted.
  • Freedmans Bureau

    Freedmans Bureau
    This bureau was succsessfully created by the congress.This bureau was also used to help the poor.
  • Period: to

    reconstruction of georiga timeline

    the act of building something again.
    a time period after the civil war in which a the south rejoinied the union and rebuild its society
  • Abraham Lincolin Assasinated

    Abraham Lincolin Assasinated
    John Wilks decided to assainate Abraham Lincoln after he gave a speech about his reelection into office.After the nxt day he died
  • 13th Amendment Ratified

    13th Amendment Ratified
    Duirng tihs time slavery was not tolerated.You didn't have debts to pay during the civil war.This amendment tried to end slavery.
  • 14th Amendment Ratified

    14th Amendment Ratified
    This Amendment was granted by the citizenship of people.This was aslo approved by congress.The state of georiga did not like this adoption.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    It stated that men could vote.The congress passed this amendment.Also 5 states were allowed to approve this amendment.
  • Georiga Readmitted to the Union

    Georiga Readmitted to the Union
    The congress had reuinited georiga to the union.It was the last state to be readmitted.
  • Henry Mcneal Turner elected to Senate

    Henry Mcneal Turner elected to Senate
    He gave a testimony to a joint select comittee.Needlees to say voter suppression is not a new thing.
  • Election of Rutherford B.Hayes

    Election of Rutherford B.Hayes
    He was elected by so many people in 1865.He fought durng the civil war and was wounded.Between1867and1876 he served as governor.