reconstruction of georgia timeline

  • Freedmen's bureau

    Freedmen's bureau
    Helped all poor white men and also coloreds. This bureau gave food to poor white men and coloreds. Only poor white men and coloreds guys were ilgible.
  • End of the civil war

    End of the civil war
    In April the union takes Richmond. Lee did not want to surrender but he was running low on supplies and men so he had no choice. Abraham lincoln was assassinated.
  • Period: to

    Reconstruction of georgia timeline

    Reconstruction is building something again. The time period after the civil war.
  • Abraham Licoln assassinated

    Abraham Licoln assassinated
    him and his wife was attending a show at Fords theater. when a man by the name of John Wilkes Booth. Went into the private box and shot Abraham Lincoin.
  • 13th amendment ratified

    This banned all slavery. Which made all coloreds freemen. Which made a bunch of farmers very angry.
  • 14th amendment ratified

    14th amendment ratified
    On July 9, 1868, the 14th Amendment, which granted citizenship, due process and equal protection to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” was ratified by South Carolina and Louisiana, allowing it to become part of the U.S. Constitution.
  • 15th amendment ratified

    15th amendment ratified
    The Fifteenth Amendment is the third of the Reconstruction Amendments. This amendment prohibits the states and the federal government from using a citizen's race (this applies to all races), color or previous status as a slave as a voting qualification. The North Carolina Supreme Court upheld this right of free men of color to vote; in response, amendments to the North Carolina Constitution removed the right in 1835.