Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    Freedmen's Bureau was created because the president and congress agreed, that it was something they needed. It helped poor whites and blacks get food, shelter, and clothing problems. The Freedmen's Bureau also created schools for the children. Today, Atlanta University is one of the schools.
  • Period: to

    Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

    The act of building something together again. A time period after the civil war in which the south rejoined the union and rebuilt it's society.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
    Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at a play called the Our American Cousin. The play was almost over when John Booth an actor, shot Lincoln in the back of the head. Pesident Abraham Lincoln was shot at 10:15 p.m., and died later that morning in the hospital at 7:22.
  • End of Civil War (Appomattox)

    End of Civil War (Appomattox)
    In April, General Lee sent words to President Jefferson, telling him that he wanted to surrender. Lee did not want to surreender, but his soldiers was short on supplies, outnumbered, and they were cut off from troops. When Lee supporters heared the terrible news, they were filled with sadness.
  • 13th Amendment Ratified

    13th Amendment Ratified
    The war for slavery officially ended on December 6, 1865. If you tried to keep a slave, then you would be punished by the law. This officially caused issues and noted the Constitution.
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    The 14th amendment was ratified on July 9, 1868. The 14th Amendment alloweded women the right to vote, and African American women tried as well. It also brought segregation to an end!
  • Henry McNeal Turner elected to Senate

    Henry McNeal Turner elected to Senate
    Henry Turner was elected as a representative, for a senator in November 1, 1868. The legislators thought he was a strong a man to be a senator, even though he was black. He was among 24 legislators expelled for a crime of being black. He was still elected for senator, after all that trouble ge went through.
  • 15th Amendment Ratified

    15th Amendment Ratified
    The 15th amendment was a law that agreed to let African American men vote. When the 15th Amendment right was signed, African American males started registering to vote.The news was broken out on Feburary 2, 1870 for the Americans to hear.
  • Georgia Readmitted to the Union

    Georgia Readmitted to the Union
    Georgia was first readmitted to the Union in 1868. Its legislature refused to seat blacks in the military, so the military rule was changed. Georgia was readmitted in 1870, after seating black Africans.
  • Election of Rutherford B. Hayes

    Election of Rutherford B. Hayes
    Rutherford was the 19th president of the United States. He over saw the end of Reconstruction and the U.S. entry.He was wounded 5 times in the war, but still made it out of the war safe. He earned good reputation, and Hayes was elected for president in 1876.