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Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

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    Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

  • End of the Civil War

    End of the Civil War
    Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Army, surrendered to Ulysses Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virgina. All troops of the Confederate Army were not aware of this therefore fighting still lasted till May 1865. Approximately 617,000 Americans died in this war.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
    The assassination of Lincoln occured on the day of April 15, 1865. President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. He had gave a speech from the White House proposing he would free slaves and citizens who had stayed loyal to the Union.
  • 13th Amendment Ratified

    13th Amendment Ratified
    After eight months of the end of the Civil War, The 13th Amendment was ratified. Various slaves were freed. This Amendment ended slavery but did not end discrimination.
  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    The Freedmen's Bureau was an agency established after the Civil War by the U.S government. It helped both blacks and whites deal with their everyday issues by offering them clothing, food, and other needs.This agency, lead by General Oliver O. Howard, was in service from 1865 to 1872.
  • 14th Amendment Ratified

    14th Amendment Ratified
    The 14th Amendment was passed not allowing any state from making laws that would limit the rights and privileges of any citizen. Also, this amendment had clauses relating to the due process of law and to equal protection beneath it. Slaves were given authority by the Bill of Rights and liberties.
  • Henry Mcneal Turner elected to Senate

    Henry Mcneal Turner elected to Senate
    Henry McNeal Turner was born from 1834 to 1915. In the late 19th centuary, he was known as to be inspiring African American leader. He was elected to senate in 1868.
  • 15th Amendment Ratified

    15th Amendment Ratified
    The 15th Amendment allowed all male citizens to vote. This included African Americans as well. As soon as the 15th Amendment was ratified, an African-American, Thomas Peterson was the first to vote.
  • Georgia Readmitted to the Union

    Georgia Readmitted to the Union
    One of the major reasons for which Southern states left the Union was because of slavery. According to the internet, "Georgia was the fifth state to succeed from the Union and the last state to be readmitted to the Union on July 15, 1870."
  • Election of Rutherford B. Hayes

    Election of Rutherford B. Hayes
    Rutherford B. Hayes was born from 1822 to 1893. He was the 19th president in the United States. Hayes served a presidental term from March 4, 1877 to March 4, 1881.