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Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    The black and whites would unite. Farmer's who owned plantations had to rebuild them. Afican americans wanted unemployment.
  • End of the Civil War

    End of the Civil War
    General Lee surrendered to Grant. He surrendered at the Courthouse in Virginia. Although war was over, there were still skirmishes in North Carolina.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
    John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham in the back of the head. The shot was at The Ford's Theatre. Lincoln died at 7:22 a.m. at present-day The Peterson House.
  • 13th Amendment Ratified

    13th Amendment Ratified
    The south ratified it. The government would forgive each states. It ended slavery.
  • 14th Amendment Ratified

    14th Amendment Ratified
    This gave citizenship to all born persons in the united states. The former slaves who left the war would be included. The amendment was rejected by most southern states.
  • Henry McNeal Turner elected to Senate

    Henry McNeal Turner elected to Senate
    Georgia democates expelled all black members less then two months of the election.September 3rd Turner spoke out among the representatives and blamed the legislatures who wouldn't seat the black senators and representatives. Turner was just one of the twenty-five black republican state representatives in the legislature.
  • 15 Amendment Ratified

    15 Amendment Ratified
    Keeps every government in the U.S. from not allowing every citizen to vote. Foundation of face, color, and slave or not. It is the third Reconstruction Amendments.
  • Georgia readmitted to the Union

    Georgia readmitted to the Union
    Georgia readmitted twice to the union. At first the legislature wouldn't seat the new black members, so it was reimposed. When the black members were seated they readmitted for good.
  • Election of Rutherford B. Hayes

    Election of Rutherford B. Hayes
    Hayes was elected President of the United States. This was the only election in 20 years with a canidate running for President which recieved over 50 percent popular vote. Hayes's compeditor was Samuel J. Tilden.