Reconstruction era project by rj sturtz

  • Beginning of the Reconstruction

    Beginning of the Reconstruction
    This was at the end of the Civil War and the U.S. was mending the country together. The U. S. needed to find away to get over the war. There were still many political, social, and economic problems still at risk that is why this era was started. It was a time for this country to come together.
  • Period: to

    reconstruction era

  • Freedman's Bureau

    Freedman's Bureau
    This was made by the Congress and Abraham Lincoln.This was the event that helped African Americans move on from the civil war. It had helped make schools for children, and gave people land and helped find work.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination

    Abraham Lincoln Assassination
    Abe was killed in the Ford theater in Washington D.C. He was shot in the back of the head and died several hours later. This event happened shortly after the Civil war finished.
  • Andrew Johnson Became President

    Andrew Johnson Became President
    After Abraham was shot Andrew had became President. He had been Vice President. Now that he was President he was going through the Reconstruction that rebuilt America from the war.
  • The Civil Rights Act

    The Civil Rights  Act
    This had grant citizenship to the Afrian American that were enslaved. This law had fought against black codes. That was descrimination to blacks from the public.
  • Andrew Johnson Had Been Impeached

    Andrew Johnson Had Been Impeached
    The House of Representatives had wanted to impeach the president. This was for wrong doing and the trial lased 3 months. Even though Johnson was not impeached because they thought both sides had political differences he stayed in office until the end of his term. The end of his term was til 1869.
  • The New President Comes Into Office

    The  New President Comes Into Office
    After Johnson was out of office Ulysses S. Grant came in. He was a Civil War hero. In this election it showed that many agreed with the Republican approach to the Reconstruction.
  • African Americans in the House and Senate

    African Americans in the House and Senate
    In1869 through 1880 16 African Americans came into the House of Representives. 2 also became part of the Senate. One of the men that was a minister and recruited African Americans into the Union. His name was Hiram Revels. He was part of the Senate.After the Northern soldiers had left from protecting the African Americans they weren't in office anymore.
  • The Amendments with the African Americans Wrap Up

    The Amendments with the African Americans Wrap Up
    In this year they finished the 15th amendment which stated that Blacks have the right to vote. Before that they had the 14th amendment that stated African Americans can be citizens. Then on the 13th amendment slaves were declared free.
  • Congress Passing New Laws

    Congress Passing New Laws
    Congress was passing new laws that were fighting the cruel acts of the Ku Klux Klan. These laws were a bit of a success but in the South no one had testified what the Klan had done. With that thought there was a bit of failure in this law.
  • Reconstruction Gov. Makes Schools

    Reconstruction Gov. Makes Schools
    When the government made schools they were for both races. In a year or 2 they had gotten 50 percent of the Northern white children to come. Also 40 percent of the Southern blacks to come. This happened within the 70's not just 1870.
  • Bad Railroad Investments

    Bad Railroad Investments
    In the year of 1873 there had been problems with the railroad. There had been had been a bad investment in the railroad. Then the bank of Jay Crook and Co. went bankrupt. They were out of business for good.
  • President Grant Runs for Pres. Again

    President Grant Runs for Pres. Again
    The year of 1876 President Grant runs for another term. The other candidate was Rutherford B.Hayes, former governor of Ohio. There was also Samuel Tilden. At the end of the voting Hayes won.
  • Compromise of 1877

    Compromise of 1877
    This was a compromise that the North would remove troops from the South. It has to do with Pres. Hayes. It was a compromise that said that they got Hayes into office now they need to get rid of troops.
  • The South is Growing

    The South is Growing
    In the South the industy was growing. That meant that the south was getting over the war. The economy was better and they were becoming more independent. They were producing coal, coton, iron, tobacco, and lumber.
  • Plessy vs. Frerguson

    Plessy vs. Frerguson
    This was a court case about segregation. It was about blacks and whites being seperated in a public place. It was a Supreme Court case that had said that blacks were not equal to whites.