Reconstruction and Race Timeline-MaxineHall

  • Black codes

    Black codes
    Black codes was a law passed to help control the freed African Amercians. It wasnt easy, white workers could still take advantage of the African American workers. Life set along with the black codes was eaiser then slavery but didnt have a better feeling.
  • Civil Right Acts of 1866

    Civil Right Acts of 1866
    The Civil Rights gave the Federal goverment the strength to get involved in state affairs to protect African Americans. Not only that but also allowed citizanship to African Americans. The act was meaningful to counter the supreme court decision as well.
  • 14tth Amendment

    14tth Amendment
    The 14th Amendment was that powerful that it had ended slavery. As important as our things are this Amendment stated that. It showed people that no one had the right to take anyones property.
  • Reconstruction Acts (first and second)

    Reconstruction Acts (first and second)
    This law considered that the states need to form new goverments. After forming new goverments it said that each district would be governed by an army genral until there was new goverments formed.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    Most of the southern states had rejoned the union by the time there was a new presidental election of 1868 was close by. cOngress too another step more in the reconstruction in 1869 when it had proposed the 15h amendment. When the ststes ratified the 15th amendment in 1870 rebuplicans thought their job was largely done.