• Remy

    Here is the first exposition. This is Remy. He is our first main character. He thinks there's more to just being a rat. He has a great nose and great taste, unlike his fellow rats, and wants to cook and create new dishes.
  • Left behind

    Left behind
    This is the exposition because it explains how Remy gets where he is. Remy and his clan of rats get forced out of their dwelling. They all run from danger, and it's raining and chaotic. Remy wants to go back for a cookbook he had been looking at. The other rats get too far ahead of him, and he ends up alone.
  • Paris

    Setting: Remy comes out of the sewer and finds he's still alone but in Paris! He has heard about Paris and the food there. He's excited to maybe try some new food.
  • Chef Gusteau, the figment of Remy's imagination

    Chef Gusteau, the figment of Remy's imagination
    Exposition, new character: Chef Gusteau has passed. Remy has watched his cooking programs where he used to live and has his cookbook. Remy finds himself above Chef Gusteau's restaurant in Paris, and Gusteau is right there with him, spiritually. Remy watches what's going on in the restaurant kitchen below. It's exciting for Remy to see everyone cooking and hustling around.
  • Poor rat is hungry

    Poor rat is hungry
    This exposition leads to how he meets the next character and the setting which takes place mostly in this restaurant kitchen in Paris. Poor Remy decides to enter the restaurant kitchen. He's brave! He grabs some cheese real quick, but then among all the chaos of the kitchen, he becomes afraid he'll be noticed. He runs from here to there, avoiding and dodging danger such as fire, boiling water, and chef's feet. He doesn't like stealing food but he needed something to fill his belly.
  • Alfredo Linguini

    Alfredo Linguini
    Exposition - meeting next main character. What a great name this guy has, Alfredo Linguini. He is the other main character. There is a secret about who he really is later on. For now, he has been sent to this restaurant. He really is just the trash boy for now. He's kind of goofy and clumsy.
  • Remy accidentally meets Linguini

    Remy accidentally meets Linguini
    Rising action: Remy is looking at some soup that's being made. Linguini, being clumsy, trips and messes up the soup in the pot. He tries to fix it, by adding ingredients that should not be added. Remy is going crazy because he knows Linguini is just messing it up more. He jumps down to try to fix the soup, but then Linguini catches him doing this.
  • Chef Skinner

    Chef Skinner
    Rising action with Antagonist: This is Chef Skinner. He was actually Chef Gusteau's sous-chef. Now he's the head chef. He is the antagonist because he knows something's up but can't quite figure it out yet. He's not a very nice man, and he was already very suspicious of Linguini as soon as Linguini started work there. He hasn't handled things very well since Gusteau passed and now he's just out to get Linguini. Chef Skinner does find Remy, and wants Linguini to get rid of the rat.
  • Friends maybe

    Friends maybe
    Rising action: Linguini tries to get rid of Remy, by letting him go far away from the restaurant. He didn't want to hurt Remy. As Remy jumps out of the jar that held him, Linguini continued to talk to Remy. He sees that Remy seems to respond by nodding his head. Linguini thought he was going crazy. He takes him home to his apartment after figuring out Remy was the one who fixed the soup which the restaurant credited Linguini for. Linguini can't cook and wants Remy to somehow help him.
  • The next morning

    The next morning
    Rising action: After Linguini makes a little bed for Remy to sleep on, with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, he wakes up and finds Remy not there. He was bummed. Then walks to the kitchen area and finds that Remy made him breakfast!
  • Practice practice practice

    Practice practice practice
    Rising action: The two find a way for Remy to guide Linguini while cooking. Remy sits on Linguini's head, under his chef hat, and pulls tufts of his hair to get him to move where he wants. He can have him grab, sprinkle, walk, turn, pour, stir, smell, and even crack an egg just by grabbing at Linguini's hair. It took a bit of practice, but it worked!
  • Trial run

    Trial run
    Rising action: It's quite difficult at first to bring Remy to work with Linguini. There are still some bugs to work out. Linguini forgets he's not in charge of his body or motions anymore, and it's hard to remember it's a rat controlling his every move. He doesn't know what to say when Remy makes him take a utensil from another chef or adds something to what a chef is already cooking. It makes Linguini look that much more silly to his co-workers, and Chef Skinner is keeping an eye on this.
  • Job well done

    Job well done
    Rising action: After a pretty successful first day together, Linguini rewards Remy with some yummy food. Remy is in heaven. He knows it's wrong to steal and knows if he keeps working hard, he will be rewarded.
  • Does he know?

    Does he know?
    Rising action: Skinner has been keeping an eye on Linguini, trying to figure this guy out. He can't believe he has no training in cooking and just waltzed in there and has come this far. He may soon find out what Linguini's secret is.
  • Visit from the food critic

    Visit from the food critic
    Climax: Anton Ego, is a harsh food critic, that has given the restaurant a negative review before, visits the restaurant again because he has heard so much about Chef Linguini. Remy makes a dish called Ratatouille for Mr. Ego. It's not on the menu but it quickly becomes their special of the night. As Mr. Ego eats it, it reminds him of his mother's Ratatouille. Fond memories wash over him. He raves about it and asks to see the chef.
  • On top of the world, but oops...

    On top of the world, but oops...
    Falling action: Remy is so happy with his success in making the Ratatouille for the critic. The critic however finds out the truth about Remy, as does Chef Skinner and a health department agent. The restaurant has to be shut down.
  • Just beautiful!

    Just beautiful!
    Ending: It all turns out okay as a new restaurant opens called La Ratatouille. There is a reserved area far enough away from the kitchen and dining room, that Remy can serve his family and clan food at little tables. They all have a new home in the attic. It is a happy ending for the main characters. Linguini waits tables as well as runs the restaurant. Thanks to the investment help of Mr. Ego, the restaurant is doing well, and he eats there often.