Progressive Era

  • Arrives in America

    Arrives in America
    Tou Ying arrives in America, and begins to start his new life. He arrives at Ellis Island and it is very packed. He is coming from China, seeking land and a new life, while also leaving China because of the Taiping Rebellion.
  • First Apartment

    First Apartment
    On the 18th, Tou got his first apartment. It is very small, but it fits his needs perfectly. He has a bedroom, a bathroom, a small corner kitchen, and a small living room. It is perfect, and very cheap too.
  • Robbed!

    Tou was robbed by an Irish immigrant. He didn't take all of Tou's money because he have it all separated for this particular reason. It makes Mr. Ying kind of depressed knowing that this place isn't perfect. However, he still thinks it's better than China.
  • First Job

    First Job
    Tou Ying got a job as a steel worker in Andrew Carnegie's steel factory. It's a very dangerous job and has a spooky working environment, He works with a lot of large machinery. His boss treats him badly, but Tou has not been fired. He works about 6 hours a day. He des however, earn higher than the average payed American
  • Tragedy

    Tou Ying's best friend is helping him at the steel factory. He loses balance and slips, and falls into the burning lava, disentegrating at once.