Iwo jima

Progression Of US Involvement

  • September 1940

    September 1940
    The battle of Britain happened, It is what started World War II because the Britains were angry and attacked back after getting attacked first. Many weapons were buit, and most of Europe were together as Allied powers against Japan and Germany, the Axis powers.
  • 1940 Presidential Election

    1940 Presidential Election
    It was the election between Franklin D. Rooselvelt and William Willikie, Franklin won because he was showing that he was a great presidential leader because he has ran for 3 three terms because he was that great.
  • March 1941

    March 1941
    Congress passes the the Lend-Lease Act. Giving weapons to the Allied powers like Britain because they were supposed to pay us back for us helping them during the war.
  • June 1941

    June 1941
    Germany invades Soviet Union (Russia)
  • August 1941

    August 1941
    Roosevelt and Churchill start to take sides and draw up Atlantic Charter.
  • September 1941

    September 1941
    Roosevelt gives okay to fire on German U-boats, even though we weren't in the war yet. "Shoot on Sight Policy. U.S.S. Greer
  • Peart Harbor

    Peart Harbor
    This is when Pearl Harbor happened, The Japanese took a sudden attack on the US in Hawaii, it was one of the biggest events in WWII history. It killed many american soldiers, and people. Meaning U.S. declares war. Even though a Japanase leader promised to keep peace with us, the Japanese plan to attack on a month early. That day Roosevelt said "This day will live in emphiny" Biggest attack on American soil, it wasn't very much victory for the Japanese because we were able to fire back at them.