Binary language programming

Programming Languages


    Created by a group led by Charles Katz, MATH-MATIC as an improvement over FORTRAN as a commercial compiler.

    Created by John Backus as a general purpose language suited for numeric and scientific/engineering applications. It is named after The IBM Mathematical Formula Translation System.

    Created by a host of people including Grace Hopper, COBOL is mainly for use in buisness, finance, and administration systems. COBOL stands for Common Buisiness-Oriented Language.

    Created by John Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz for a simple and easy way that non-scientific students could use computers. The name stands for Beginner's All-Purpose symbolic instruction code.
  • Logo

    Created by Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert for use in handling lists, files, I/O and recursion. The language is very popular for education. The name was derived from the Greek word for "word."
  • Pascal

    Niklaus Wirth creates Pascal named in honor of French Mathematician Blaise Pascal. The main purpose of Pascal was to encourge good programming practice using structure.
  • C

    Created by Dennis Ritchie for implementing system software and is used for developing application software. Named after being derived form a language called "B."
  • SQL

    Created by Donald D. Chamberlain and Laymond F. Boyce for managing data in relational database managment systems. SQL stands for Structured Querey Language.
  • ADA

    Created by Jean Ichbiah and Tucker Taft for the Department of Defense to use. Mainly used for embedded and real-time systems. It was named after the first programmer Ada Lovelace.
  • C++

    Created by Bjavne Stroustrup as an enhancement to C and is widely used for applications and hardware designs.
  • Visual BASIC

    Created by Microsoft to be relatively easy to learn and use for the COM programming model. It was derived from BASIC and added bonuses for graphic user interfaces.
  • Java

    Created by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems to let developers "write once, run anywhere." Java is very popular for client-server web applications. Java was named after the vast amount of java coffe consmed by its developers while creating it.