Programming Languages

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  • Plankalkul

    People:Konrad Zuse
    Purpose:Designed for engineering
    Acronym:German for "Plan Calculus"

    People:John Backus & IBM
    Purpose:Developed for scientific and engineering purposes.
    Acronym:Derived from The IBM Mathematical 'FOR'mula 'TRAN'slating System

    People;Charles Katz and his team
    Purpose:Designed as an improvement on FORTRAN and an early language for the UNIVACI and UNIVAC II.
    Acronym:"MATH-MATIC" was the marketing name for the AT-3 Compiler
  • Lisp

    People:John McCarthy, Steve Russel
    Purpose:Originally designed for mathematical notation, favorite for AI design/research
    Acronym:Derived from LIStProcessing

    People:Grace Hopper, William Selden, Gertrude Tierney, Howard Bromberg, Howard Discount, Vernon Reeves, Jean E. Sammet
    Purpose:Designed to help describe problems independent of hardware being used(Indepndence from hardware)
    Acronym:Common Buisness-Oriented Language
  • RPG

    Purpose:Designed for business applications
    Acronym:Stands for Report Program Generator

    People:(John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz)
    Purpose:To allow students to write programs for the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System.
    Acronym:Tied to the name of an unpublished paper by Kurtz.
  • LOGO

    People:Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papert
    Purpose:Derived from LISP for educational purposes
    Acronym:Derived from the Greek "Logos", meaning word.
  • B

    People:(Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie)
    Purpose:Created as a stripped down version of BCPL made in order for it to run on minicomputers of the time
    Acronym:Supposedly a contraction of BCPL

    People:Niklaus Wirth
    Purpose:Designed to encourage good programming purposes using structured programs and data structuring.
    Acronym:Named in honor of Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician.
  • C

    People:Dennis Ritchie(Also helped design B)
    Purpose;Designed to encourage cross-platform programming, mapped over machine language well and was a suitable replacement for Assembly languages
    Acronym: Derived from B, therefore called C.
  • ML

    People:Robin Milner and University of Edinburgh students
    Purpose:Used to develop proof-tactics in the "LCF theorem prover"
    Acronym:Historically stands for "metalanguage"
  • SQL

    People:Donald D. Chamberlin,Raymond F. Boyce
    Purpose:Designed for managing data stored in relational database management systems
    Acronym:Stands for Structured Query Language
  • ADA

    People: US Department of Defense (Jean Ichbiah)
    Purpose:Development of large software systems
    Acronym: Named after Ada Lovelace(Ada Byron), the first programmer
  • C++

    People;Bjarne Stroustrup
    Purpose:Designed to support various programming paradigms(including OOP, procedural, etc.)
    Acronym: C++ is a pun on the increment operator(++)
  • Delphi AKA Object Pascal

    People:Apple Computer, Niklaus Wirth, Anders Hejlsberg
    Purpose:Was created to support a Mac application framework
    Acronym:It's a dialect of Object Pascal designed for the OOP paradigm.
  • Python

    People:Guido van Rossum
    Purpose:Designed for simplified syntax and easier code-readibility
    Acronym:Derived from the comedy show, Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • Visual Basic (now known as Visual Basic.NET)

    Purpose:Derived from BASIC and Ruby(not to be confused for the web scripting language) for rapid development of GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications
    Acronym:Visual is derived from the "Ruby" half of Visual Basic, Basic is from BASIC (programming language)
  • JavaScript

    People:Brendan Eich, Netscape Communications
    Purpose;Designed primarly for the web, JavaScript helps enhance user interfaces and create dynamic websites
    Acronym:Upon addition for the Java platform in Netscape browsers, they named it JavaScript
  • Java

    People:James Gosling and Sun Microsystems
    Purpose:Designed to allow code to be used on more than one platform(Write once, run everywhere)
    Acronym:Derived from "Java Coffee", a drink enjoyed by the language deveopers
  • PHP

    People:Rasmus Lerdorf, the PHP group
    Purpose:Designed for the web, primarily to create dyanmic websites and for communication with SQL servers.
    Acronym:Originally stood for Personal Homepage, now it's PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor