Tchaikovsky 1

Piotr Tchaikovsky

  • Tchaikovsky's Birth

    Tchaikovsky's Birth
    Tchaikovsky was born to a middle class family. His father was a mine inspector, who often gave his son the opportunity to listen to many classical musics by Mozart, etc. on a device called an orchestrina.
  • World Event #1

    World Event #1
    Florida became a state on March 3, 1845. This was the 27th US State.
  • Conflict Arises over Texas Borders

    Conflict Arises over Texas Borders
    People start getting into wars about Texas's border and boundries.
  • Tchaikovsky goes to Music School

    Tchaikovsky goes to Music School
    Tchaikovsky was enrolled in the School of Jurisprudence in St. Petersburg in the Fall of 1850, but he did not start to attend until 1852. He stayed at this school until he graduated in the year of 1859.
  • Tchaikovsky Writes his first Piece

    Tchaikovsky Writes his first Piece
    Although no one knows the exact date of when Tchaikovsky wrote his first musical piece, it is estimated to have been written sometime in the year of 1854, when he attended the School of Prudence in St. Petersburg. His first piece was a waltz that he dedicated to his second governess.
  • Lincoln Becomes President

    Lincoln Becomes President
    Abraham Lincoln becomes president after the election held in the year of 1860. He beat out over 4 candidates.
  • Tchaikovsky goes to St. Petersburg Conservatory

    Tchaikovsky goes to St. Petersburg Conservatory
    Once St. Petersburg Conservatory opened, Tchaikovsky become one of the lucky few who passed the entry exam and gained entry to Russia's best music school.
  • Tchaikovsky Marries

    Tchaikovsky Marries
    Tchaikovsky married a woman named Antonina Milyukova, who he didn't actually love. The marriage was quick, but Tchaikovsky attempted suicide two weeks afterwards. When he failed, he fled, leaving Antonina behind.
  • Tchaikovsky Writes "Sleeping Beauty"

    Tchaikovsky Writes "Sleeping Beauty"
    Tchaikovsky began to write "Sleeping Beauty" in October 1888. He finished it in August 1889.
  • Tchaikovsky Writes "The Nutcracker"

    Tchaikovsky Writes "The Nutcracker"
    Tchaikovsky wrote "The Nutcracker" starting in the year of Fenruary 1891. He finished writing it in March 1892.
  • Tchaikovsky's Death

    Tchaikovsky's Death
    Tchaikovsky died at the age of 53 in St. Petersburg, Russia. His date of death was November 6th, 1893. He died due to cholera by drinking unboiled water,