Pierre Duhem

  • Birth

    Pierre Duhem was born in Paris, France June 09,1861.
  • Young Pierre Duhem

    Pierre was the oldest child. At 7 years old Pierre Duhem was given private lessons. At the age of 9 he was considered a literate writer. His parents died and he had to stop school to provide for his family.
  • Young Adult Pierre

    In 1882 Duhem enrolled at the prestigious secular institution of higher education. He was first in his class. He remain first throughout his 3 years enrolled. He was granted a fourth year and a fifth year. He received a license in mathematics and physics. Later on he was offered a position Louis Pasteur’s laboratory as a chemist-bacteriologist, which he refused because he wanted to work in theoretical physics.
  • Rejection

    Pieree presented a theory in physics that was rejected. Fast forward to 1888 Duhem’s thesis proved the principle of maximum work that chemical changes tend spontaneously to produce maximum heat.
  • After Rejection

    Pierre taught at Lille, Rennes, then to Bordeaux. He stayed focused on his science and he published six books.
  • Famous Philosopher

    He taught at Bordeaux from 1894-1916. He died in 1916 at 55 years old from a heart attack. He was a philosopher who studied science and wrote about it.