Physics 7th period on cosmology

  • Mar 3, 650

    Birth of Sun

    happened 5 billion years ago
  • May 15, 1000

    homhosapeines evolve

  • Galieo builds first telescope

    Galieo did it and it was on august 1609
  • newton describes gravity

  • Einstein publishes realtivity

  • Hubble discovers universe expansion

    built by Edwin Powell Hubble
  • Quasars discovered by Hong Yee Chiu

  • Microwave raditation discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson

  • Hubble telescope launched

    Lyman Spitzer helped create it
  • Big Bang Confirmed

    cosmic Background Explorer satellite develped by nasa was used to confirm it
  • Hubble space telescope repaired

    Lyman Spitzer helped make it
  • Big bang

    Happened at start of universe hundreds of billions of years ago.
  • Elements form

    Happened seconds after the big bang.
  • earliest life forms

    happened 3.8 billion years ago