photographer timeline by krystal w

Timeline created by krystalw123
  • Joseph niepce

    Joseph niepce
    is a french inventor and is credited as the inventor of photography and a pioneer.
  • Louis daguerre

    Louis daguerre
    was a french artist and photographer. He is known for his invention of daguerreotype. He is also known as one of the fathers of photography
  • Mathew brady

    Mathew brady
    He was a photographer and photojournalist. He opened the Daquerrean Miniature Gallery on Broadway in 1844.
  • Eadweard muybridge

    Eadweard muybridge
    Known for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion.
  • Lewis hine

    Lewis hine
    is a american sociologist and photographer. His photography were for changing child labor laws
  • Margaret bourke white

    Margaret bourke white
    known for her work to photojournalism and her magazine work. She went to the Clarence H. White school of photography. She was known for being the first forgein photographer to take pictures of Solviet industry under Soviets five year plan.
  • Edward weston

    Edward weston
    he was a 20th century photographer. He is called on of the most influential photographers and one of the masters of photography
  • Dorothea lange

    Dorothea lange
    She was an american documentary photography photographer. Her photography influenced the development of documentary photography and showed the consequences of the great depression.
  • Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams
    he was a photographer of the american west. He used his work to help conservation for wilderness areas. His art was mostly in black and white
  • Diane arbus

    Diane arbus
    She worked with magazines groups and highlight the importance of the representation of people.
  • Richard avedon

    Richard avedon
    is an american fashion and portrait photographer. The new york times said his portraits and style define americas image of style.
  • Yousuf karsh

    Yousuf karsh
    is a american canadian photographer and he is known for his portraits of noble people. He is described as of of the best photographers
  • Arnold newman

    Arnold newman
    he was an american photographer and known for his environmental portraits of artists and politicians an is also known for abstract still live images.
  • Hernri cartier bresson

    Hernri cartier bresson
    he was a french humanist photographer and was considered a master of candid photography. He was a early user of 35 mm film. He genre as street photography and and viewed photography as capturing a important
  • Jerry uelsmann

    Jerry uelsmann
    He is an american photographer. His work in darkroom effects foreshadowed the use of adobe Photoshop to make surreal images
  • Annie Leibovitz

    Annie Leibovitz
    Her real name is Anna leibovitz and she is still alive. Shes a american portrait photographer. She is best known for her portraits usually of celebrities. Her portraits are dramatic