Photographer Timeline

Timeline created by alexisg08
  • Joseph Niepce

    Joseph Niepce
    He was a French inventor. He created heliography which means sun writing it is the oldest form of taking a photo.
  • Louis Daguerre

    Louis Daguerre
    He was a French artist and photographer. His main invention he was know for was the daguerreotype process of photography. He is also known as one of the fathers of photography.
  • Mathew Brady

    Mathew Brady
    He was a photographer who was best known for he's civil war scenes. He used a mobile darkroom and photography studio to create these pictures.
  • Eadweard Muybridge

    Eadweard Muybridge
    He was an English photographer known for his in motion-picture projection.
  • Lewis Hine

    Lewis Hine
    He was a photographer and also a sociologist. He took pictures of children working in the warehouses. He used the photos he took to change child labor laws in the U.S.
  • Edward Weston

    Edward Weston
    He was a huge American photographer. He was best known for his sharply focused images. The images he took were from a large variety from landscapes to nudes.
  • Dorothea Lange

    Dorothea Lange
    She was an American documentary photographer. The photos she took was of farmers and families during the Great Depression. That greatly influenced later documentary and journalistic photography.
  • Ansel Adams

    Ansel Adams
    He was a landscape photographer who was known for his black-and-white images of the American West.
  • Margaret Bourke-White

    Margaret Bourke-White
    She was known for her contributions to photojournalism. She is known for her picture that made the cover of Life magazine.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Henri Cartier-Bresson
    He was a french photographer known for his spontaneous photographs showed photojournalism such as street photography.
  • Yousuf Karsh

    Yousuf Karsh
    He was an Armenian-Canadian photographer known for his famous portraits. The portraits were of important and famous men and women such as politics and Hollywood stars.
  • Arnold Newman

    Arnold Newman
    He was an American photographer. HE was known for his "environmental portraits" such as of artists and politicians. He was also known for his carefully composed abstract still life images.
  • Diane Arbus

    Diane Arbus
    Diane Arbus was an American photographer. She caught her subjects in there natural state. She shot a variety of people from families and elderly people to strippers and nudist.
  • Richard Avedon

    Richard Avedon
    He was an American photographer. Avedon was mainly known for his work in the fashion world and for his minimalist portraits.
  • Jerry Uelsmann

    Jerry Uelsmann
    Jerry N. Uelsmann is an American photographer. He is known for his work in making surrealistic images in the late 20th century.
  • Annie Leibovitz

    Annie Leibovitz
    She was an American photographer known for her work in the Rolling Stones Magazine and her famous portrait of John Lennon. She took portraits of celebrities people and had them in special poses and setting for each person.